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This Is What Really Happened In Sahiwal Where CTD Opened Fire On A Family Car And The Details Are Shocking!

Unfortunately, last year we heard stories where many innocent people lost their lives due to the negligence of police. One such case was of the innocent Amal, when the poor…

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Imran Ismail Is Winning Many Hearts After He Paid His Fine For Over Speeding On M-2 Motorway!

Given the situation of politics, last year it was nothing but chaos! Imran Khan was adamant to topple the "legacy" of Nawaz Sharif. It is sheer bad luck for the…

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An Old Man And His Daughter Were Dragged And Humiliated By Islamabad Police And This Is Sheer Badtameezi!

Education is the core of human evolution. When renaissance happened in 14-15th century, people started exploring into various fields of work as art and architecture and physics! It was much…

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This 22-Year-Old Girl Was Forced To Take Her Own Life After Her Father Forcefully Got Her Engaged!

When a child grows up, they are assured to have their parent's support! The parents who teach their kids to make the first step, they teach them to eat and learn.…

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Pakistan’s Top 10 News Anchors And How Much They Allegedly Earn Every Month!

In the news channel business, the anchor person plays a crucial role in keeping the good rating and audience on TV. Which eventually makes them the most seen celebs! Due to…

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This Rickshawala Is Offering Free Rides To Pak Army Members And Is Being Praised By ISPR As Well!

There is always a debate going on about how the army has always been the "richest" in the country. Because the budget that we have for the army is much…

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This Girl Donated Her Liver To Her Father And Things Got Complicated When She Woke Up During Surgery!

We grow up seeing our parents sacrificing for us. At times, they give up things of their own and give us the piece from their plates. It doesn't necessarily have to…

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Another 3-Year-Old Innocent Girl Was Subjected To “Ziyadti” And Was Left Lifeless In Abbottabad!

We often hear people complain about how the media is now only showing the bad news across. Every morning when a Pakistani opens the TV or switch to their mobile…

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CM Punjab Usman Buzdar’s Photo While Offering Namaz Has Become A Controversy For No Apparent Reason!

There have been many times, where we see celebrities and politicians showing off their good deeds! Like, the photos circulating over the internet while they are in a charity show…

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A Six-Year-Old Innocent Girl Was Given In Marriage To A Minor Boy As ‘Wani’ And This Taboo Needs An End!

The feudal system in Pakistan is so deep-rooted, that so many governments came and completed their tenure since the inception of Pakistan but none could do anything about it. This…

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