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Parhlo - Nuclear War

Here’s Why We Must Think Twice Before Using Our Nuclear Weapons And Rather Opt For Peace!

"Nuclear weapons offer us nothing but a balance of terror, and a balance of terror is still terror", said American scientist George Wald. Nuclear weapons have the potential to both…

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Pakistan Govt Just Booked 300 Luxury Prados For Saudi Prince Mohd Bin Salman And Shashkay Khatam Hi Nahi Horae!

Well, the world knows the luxuries and "shashkay" of all the Arabs. It is very evident for all Pakistanis, that every time we meet any Arab we automatically assume that…

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Reham Khan Just Called Imran Khan A ‘Charsi Driver’ Steering Pakistan And PTI Fans Are Literally ‘Rubbing It In’!

Humans are full of mistakes and errors, no human born in this world is perfect! This is a universal truth that we all know, but there was a mistake that…

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This Brave Man In Nathiagali Saved An Army Officer’s Life Who Was Stuck In Snow And This Is The Real Face Of Pakistan!

We often hear this over the internet and TV when people say that Pakistanis are the most hospitable people. They are the best guests and sweetest of all. Well, to…

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UC Chairman Finally Arrested After Hue And Cry From People Of Sindh Over Journalist Irshad Ranjhani’s Brutal Murder!

When a kid is born, they are special to every parent! They bring happiness to their parent's and every family member's life. A mother especially is happy because she gave…

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A ‘Mamu’ Ran Away With His 14-Year-Old ‘Bhanji’ To Marry Her And This Sick Man Needs To Be Caught ASAP!

Pakistan witnessed recently cases of gruesome incidents; where father forced himself on his daughter and kept her in the dark for years. The girl was used by her own father, and…

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“I Would Have Slapped CM Pubjab!” – Hamid Mir Bursts Out At Usman Buzdar On Sahiwal Incident!

Now, as the nation is aware of what CTD did a few days back in Sahiwal, Pakistanis are still in shock of how such "mistakes" are backed by white lies…

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This Is What Really Happened In Sahiwal Where CTD Opened Fire On A Family Car And The Details Are Shocking!

Unfortunately, last year we heard stories where many innocent people lost their lives due to the negligence of police. One such case was of the innocent Amal, when the poor…

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Imran Ismail Is Winning Many Hearts After He Paid His Fine For Over Speeding On M-2 Motorway!

Given the situation of politics, last year it was nothing but chaos! Imran Khan was adamant to topple the "legacy" of Nawaz Sharif. It is sheer bad luck for the…

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An Old Man And His Daughter Were Dragged And Humiliated By Islamabad Police And This Is Sheer Badtameezi!

Education is the core of human evolution. When renaissance happened in 14-15th century, people started exploring into various fields of work as art and architecture and physics! It was much…

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