This Guy From Punjab Sold His Kidney For His Girlfriend, She Had Him Beaten Up And Left With The Money!


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Friendships may have no boundaries but sometimes it appears with the consequences that can turn your devoted stash upside down. Being a good friend becomes difficult when the other person has some different ways of ‘money making’ in mind. Too much devotion and loyalty in a relationship can sometimes take your ‘organs’ for granted.

Earlier this week, a unique case of Tehsil Arif Wala from Punjab area of Pakistan was taken with absolute humor by the Pakistani awaam. Reportedly, a man named Humayun who is said to be a resident of Tehsil Kamoke, Punjab, was robbed off of his kidney by his female friend. Humayun was asked by his friend to lend Rs.350,000 to her and that she will return it soon but Humayun responded with a broke gesture and that he couldn’t help her with it.

The girl then challenged Humayun to prove his loyalty by selling his kidney and help her with the needed amount. The big-hearted poor guy without thinking twice went to the hospital along with his friend and sold the kidney for Rs.350,000. The whole amount was then handed over to the girl by him.

After sometime when Humayun called his female friend to return the money, she asked him to come to her home. As he reached her place the girl accused him of stealing from her and Humayun was allegedly beaten up by the girl’s family and relatives. The local police were then involved in the case and the investigation started. Humayun, who was now left with one kidney had been shifted to the hospital for proper treatment.

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Here’s the video of the epic incident. You won’t be able to hold your laugh!

This case definitely clears up the ‘dost dost na raha, pyaar pyaar na rha’ phenomena and people now need to stay aware of their friend’s intentions too.

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