Qari Tamjeed, A Hafiz-e-Quran Raped & Murdered His Own Niece With Friends And Humanity Is Dead!


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Our children are not safe. Period. Not from the neighbors, your own blood relatives and sadly, not even from the men that are religious clerics. How many more? It’s the question we have been asking for a long time, unfortunately, all is in vain, it seems. How many stories of minor innocent girls being raped and killed will have to be written down? When will the animals get caught and made an example of? Why are our authorities don’t seem to be taking the matter of child-safety in consideration? So many questions we need answers to.

This time it’s a 9-year-old raped and murdered by her own uncle and his friends in Lahore


This man is a qari, a ‘specialist’ in the recitation of the Holiest of books – Al-Quran Al-Kareem. Let that sink in, unfortunately, it won’t. In fact, it will boil your blood and leave you wanting to serve justice with your hands on his neck until he dies a painful death. He not just himself but along with his friends raped his very own niece that too someone who is just a child. I cannot seem to register this news, no matter how many horrific stories surfaces, it always comes as a shock and as a sharp pain shredding your heart into pieces. This will never normalize, not in the society of Pakistan.

Tamjeed Pleaded to the Lahore High Court to forgive him on grounds of a ridiculous claim that he has asked Allah for forgiveness, Court rejected

No sane human would make such an absurd appeal, one that should have been rejected instantly and so it did. Providing justice doesn’t seem to be the best forte of our concerned authorities, so I still wouldn’t bank on them. If two women who tortured minor house help Uzma, killed and dumped her body somewhere near, can bail themselves out, then what are the chances that this animal would face any punishment? Hope is running thin, but the best we can do is pray to the Almighty.

We demand justice for this angel and countless others


Please keep your children very safe and within your reach. No matter how religious, holy and righteous a relative, house help or anyone for that matter comes off as, your children could still potentially get molested by these same people. Parents need to play their part to perfection in a world where sexual offenders are increasing in number and can be lurking around anywhere in the shape of any relation.


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