A Woman From Attock Was Physically Harassed By Her Husband And Father-in-Law For 4 Years And This Is Sickening!


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Marriage definitely has its own perks but many, in the present world, are just living with compromises. The era when people are just busy fooling others and using them for their own personal benefit, one can not trust anyone. Love marriage maybe holding its own emotional value but sometimes it can also become a curse. Previously, there have been numerous cases reported of sexual harassment and domestic abuse from cities all over Pakistan.

A brutal case from Attock area of Pakistan circulated the media recently. A girl from Faisalabad was house-bounded and sexually harassed and by her husband and father in law for four long years.

Sources say that the girl is originally from Faisalabad and fell in love with this man living in Attock. Apparently, the girl ran with him and later, they got married in Punjab. Soon after the marriage, it was clear that the man’s intentions towards her were not right. He along with his father, house-bounded her and would abuse her sexually on a regular basis.

This is the husband and father in law:

Samaa TV/YouTube

After four years in agony, she finally got a chance to escape from there and reached the Pindi Gheb Police Station of Attock district. A complaint was filed against the father and the son and later on, both the harassers were arrested and sent to jail. The names of the culprits and the victim have not been revealed yet.

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The security concerns of Pakistan are now started to be questioned and Pakistanis are asking when will we feel secure? It is said that the law enforcing agencies are working onto the security issues faced by the general public and that these sick elements will soon be eradicated from our society.

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