FarwaDecember 10, 2018

Family Of The Children Who Died Due To Arizona Grill’s Poisonous Food Is Demanding Immediate Justice!

On 11th November 2018, when two little sons of Ahsaan Dangra 2-year-old Ahmed and 5-year-old Muhammad died as the children ...

Jawad MinhasDecember 9, 2018

Imran Khan Shared A Beautiful Naat From His Twitter And People Think Bushra Bibi Might Be Behind It!

Our Prime Minister, Imran Khan never fails to impress us. The prime minister showcased his immense love for the Prophet ...

Cogito Ergo SumDecember 8, 2018

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Loved These 10 Food Items And Here’s Why We Should Use Them Often!

Being Muslims, the faith in Islam starts with two things above all, which are accepting Allah Almighty as the only ...

Jawad MinhasDecember 8, 2018

Senior Anchor Nusrat Javed Alleges That Prime Minister Imran Khan Tried To Get Him Assassinated!

The 22nd Prime minister and his government are under huge criticism ever since they took the oath.  Be it opposition, ...

Jawad MinhasDecember 7, 2018

A Pakistani Human Smuggler Was Caught While Going To Italy And OMG! These Conspiracy Theories Are Alarming

Among many vicious crimes, human trafficking is one of the worst crimes the world is witnessing, today. Human smuggling is ...

Mahnoor AslamDecember 6, 2018

This Angry Father Just Exposed Beaconhouse School’s Ruthless Treatment Of Students!

Last month, the Directorate of Inspection & Registration of Private Institutions Sindh (Dirpis) of the School Education & Literacy Department ...

Soha NaveedOctober 26, 2018

Doctor in Quetta Ruins the Life of a 17-Year-Old Girl After a Surgery And Where’s Humanity?

The standard of services offered in government institutes is poor when it comes to Pakistan. For the lower class, they ...

Soha NaveedOctober 26, 2018

23 Pakistani Universities Make It To the QS Asia University Rankings And What a Proud Moment!

The release of the Quacquarelli Symonds rankings, commonly known as QS Rankings is prestigious when it comes to illuminating the standard ...

Soha NaveedOctober 12, 2018

Culture and Information Minister Fayyaz ul Hassan Thinks the Opposition Is Purchasing Dollars As a Conspiracy Against the Current Government

The hiking price of the dollar has left the entire state in shock. With stock market crashing, the dollar going ...


Aroona AhmereenJune 23, 2018

Here’s Why Female PTI Leaders Are Leaving The Party One After Another

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), since its inception, is known for the empowerment of women in politics. It’s leader, Imran Khan, has ...

The Less Privileged Of Pakistan Should Start Giving Birth On The Streets Instead Of Hospitals

The most beautiful moment in the life of a person, man or woman, is when they hold their newborn child ...

SKOctober 19, 2017

Here’s Why Celebrating 14th August In Balochistan Is Becoming Increasingly Difficult

The mineral rich lands of Balochistan, a province that is given little importance and consideration in the status quo of ...

Ammar MirjatAugust 13, 2017

The Curious Case Of Chaudhry Nisar And Nawaz Sharif — What Exactly Happened?

They say change is the only constant thing in the world, everything seizes, but changes continue to take place. Such ...

Ammar MirjatAugust 11, 2017

Nawaz Sharif’s Power Show Carries On As He Delivers His Speech In Jhelum

Political show of strength continues for the PML-N even after the Panama verdict has been announced. Former Prime Minister and ...

Talha WAugust 10, 2017
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