Mahnoor AslamMarch 18, 2018

Mariam Moustafa, a Teenage Girl Was Allegedly Assaulted at a Bus Stop and Her Family Demands Justice after She Passed Away

People being victims of hate all over the world is something that every media platform needs to rectify and report. ...

SKMarch 16, 2018

Two Suspects Involved In Raping And Filming Underage Girls Arrested From Gujranwala!

Finally, Pakistan has come to a point when sexual abuse is being countered on all fronts. Be it the women ...

SKMarch 16, 2018

Policeman Caught Mishandling Little Girl In Sialkot Suspended After Social Media Erupts In Anger!

Pakistan is a country, where most people are confused, if they’re good people or not. We, genuinely, as a population, ...

SKMarch 16, 2018

Intense Level Of Mismanagement In Sales Of PSL 3 Tickets Angers Pakistanis On Social Media!

The HBL Pakisstan Super League Season 3 will soon be reaching its climax, a season to remember, to say the ...

Zain KaziMarch 15, 2018

A 20-year-old Boy Shot to Death by Dacoits in Gulistan-e-Johar and People Are Distressed

Karachi’s law and order situation has been called into question in recent times. It has become a culture for the ...

AJIMarch 11, 2018

Senate Chairman and Deputy Chairman; the Current Claims of Senate Votes!

Power politics always has a place and time. Chairman & Deputy Chairman are the offices and political maneuvering is at ...

Mahnoor AslamMarch 7, 2018

This Petrol Pump in Karachi Once Again gets Public Attention with another Scam of Looting its Customers

Petrol has always been precious! As precious as gold or any other important metal. Maybe for the very reason that ...

Soha NaveedFebruary 20, 2018

Asif Ali Zardari Called Rao Anwar “Brave” and the Social Media Couldn’t Believe It!

Pakistanis are currently seeing the controversial revelation of Rao Anwar, the former SSP who shared secret information regarding MQM. In 1982, ...

Anam SialFebruary 11, 2018

Human Rights Lawyer, Asma Jahangir, Passes Away and Leaves behind Her Legacy

Renowned lawyer and human rights activist, Asma Jahangir passed away in Lahore on Sunday due to a cardiac arrest. She ...


SKOctober 19, 2017

The Less Privileged Of Pakistan Should Start Giving Birth On The Streets Instead Of Hospitals

The most beautiful moment in the life of a person, man or woman, is when they hold their newborn child ...

Here’s Why Celebrating 14th August In Balochistan Is Becoming Increasingly Difficult

The mineral rich lands of Balochistan, a province that is given little importance and consideration in the status quo of ...

Ammar MirjatAugust 13, 2017

The Curious Case Of Chaudhry Nisar And Nawaz Sharif — What Exactly Happened?

They say change is the only constant thing in the world, everything seizes, but changes continue to take place. Such ...

Ammar MirjatAugust 11, 2017

Nawaz Sharif’s Power Show Carries On As He Delivers His Speech In Jhelum

Political show of strength continues for the PML-N even after the Panama verdict has been announced. Former Prime Minister and ...

Talha WAugust 10, 2017

Op-Ed: India-Pakistan Constructivist Security

Before a discussion on India-Pakistan relations, let’s have a brief introduction about what is constructivist security and why it is ...

DaniyalJune 4, 2017
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