Muhammad AdnanJune 20, 2018

This Young Filmmaker Will Be Representing Pakistan At The Future News Worldwide 2018 Programme

Muhammad Adnan a young filmmaker and media student at International Islamic University Islamabad will be representing Pakistan in Future News ...

Namra NasirJune 20, 2018

FIFA 2018 Media Expedition: Here’s What I Witnessed On My Trip To Russia

Russia, a land primarily known for its technological advancement, beauty, weaponry and cold weather, has been engaged in elucidating its ...

Zain KaziJune 20, 2018

Sister of This 14-year-old Boy Reveals How Doctors’ Ignorance Took Her Brother’s Life

There’s a Facebook post circulating everywhere regarding an incident where a boy lost his life due to the negligence of ...

sarmadaliJune 19, 2018

This Video of a Beggar On Board a Flight From Doha to Iran Is Going Insanely Viral

There’s a video circulating everywhere featuring a certain beggar on board a flight. The video has been circulating all over social media ...

Mohammad Jibran KhanJune 19, 2018

Meet Abdul Hafeez Khan – A Pakistani Man Who Made UAE Green

In the year 1961, Abdul Hafeez Khan Al Yousefi, Pakistani of age 25, was in Beirut studying his Graduate Studies ...

Mahnoor AslamJune 14, 2018

A Traffic Warden’s Life Was Taken By A Local Over a Minor Issue in Rawalpindi

The case of brutal killing of the innocent is no surprise to people anymore. It is believed that people in ...

Soha NaveedJune 11, 2018

“I’ve Fought Wars And You’ve Only Played Cricket” – Here’s The Response of Pervaiz Musharraf to Imran Khan’s Claims!

Imran Khan’s recent interview with BBC has sparked debates nationwide. While many agree Khan was not at his best during ...

Soha NaveedJune 8, 2018

A Family in Sialkot Allegedly Killed their Daughter In Law and This Demands Investigation!

Rangpura, Sialkot: a daughter in law was brutally killed by her in-laws amid domestic violence. The news is making rounds ...

Zain KaziJune 7, 2018

This Journalist Gets Flaked by Pakistanis after He Mocked Haider Abbas Rizvi for Driving an Uber

Haider Abbas Rizvi, a prominent member of the MQM Rabitta Committee, recently stormed the headlines when he was pictured as ...


SKOctober 19, 2017

The Less Privileged Of Pakistan Should Start Giving Birth On The Streets Instead Of Hospitals

The most beautiful moment in the life of a person, man or woman, is when they hold their newborn child ...

Here’s Why Celebrating 14th August In Balochistan Is Becoming Increasingly Difficult

The mineral rich lands of Balochistan, a province that is given little importance and consideration in the status quo of ...

Ammar MirjatAugust 13, 2017

The Curious Case Of Chaudhry Nisar And Nawaz Sharif — What Exactly Happened?

They say change is the only constant thing in the world, everything seizes, but changes continue to take place. Such ...

Ammar MirjatAugust 11, 2017

Nawaz Sharif’s Power Show Carries On As He Delivers His Speech In Jhelum

Political show of strength continues for the PML-N even after the Panama verdict has been announced. Former Prime Minister and ...

Talha WAugust 10, 2017

Op-Ed: India-Pakistan Constructivist Security

Before a discussion on India-Pakistan relations, let’s have a brief introduction about what is constructivist security and why it is ...

DaniyalJune 4, 2017
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