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Parhlo - Nuclear War

Here’s Why We Must Think Twice Before Using Our Nuclear Weapons And Rather Opt For Peace!

"Nuclear weapons offer us nothing but a balance of terror, and a balance of terror is still terror", said American scientist George Wald. Nuclear weapons have the potential to both…

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These ‘Unpaid’ House Officers Are Exposing The Reality Of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital And This Is So Unfair!

Getting admission in MBBS was a dream come true but no one that it would turn into this. It takes 2.5 lacs (on merit) and 17.5 lacs (on self-finance) to…

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Class 9th Student Mehwish Fights Back After Husband ‘Loses’ Her To Friends While Gambling In Punjab!

There is no doubt that 'sharab' contains the substance which makes people lose their mind and 'juaa' turns them away from the remembrance of Almighty Allah. This the reason why…

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The Graveyards In Rawalpindi Are Running Out Of Space And This is Serious!

Nowadays, the burial of a loved one has become a challenging task for the family. Getting a place in the graveyard is more difficult to get a place at footpath…

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Here’s How Every Pakistani Can Work Together To Reduce Traffic Violations!

Our society lives in the bliss of ignorance. The educated have become the layman and the illiterates; leaders. Amongst these crooked personalities are concentrated outlaws promoting the very nature of…

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A 24-Year-Old Medical Student In Mardan Took His Own Life Due To Mental Stress And It Is Absolutely Devastating!

Passing exams with good grades are the only thing the majority of Pakistani parents want from their children. No matter what the situation is, children, since a very young age,…

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For The Love Of Pakistan, Here 19 Things You Should Do In 2019 For A Better Pakistan

Dear Pakistani Awam, If you truly love your country, you will do the following in 2019; 1) Stop throwing your garbage everywhere - learn to use a dustbin. 2) Stop…

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This Peer Promises To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You And Damn! Everyone Is Looking For him!

Ever meet someone who promises the world to you? And tells you that you will get all the love there is in this world? And how life will become all…

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Another Medical Graduate Takes His Own Life Allegedly Due To Stress And It’s Absolutely Heartbreaking!

Becoming a doctor is one of the toughest challenges for the youth in Pakistan. It starts with the struggles of finding a medical college that accepts them, paying huge amounts…

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This 16th December, Here’s Why ‘Shuhada’ Of Army Public School Peshawar Deserve A Glowing Tribute

Whenever 16 December comes, it brings back some of the worst memories of the one of the most tragic incidents in the history of Pakistan that shook every Pakistani. It…

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