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Fake Peer In Bhawalnagar

This Fake Peer Set An Innocent Girl On Fire While Taking Out The ‘Jinn’ Inside Her And This Culture Needs To End!

Almighty Allah has sent a large number of prophets to guide human being. To get the answer to their queries related to religion, people went to the prophets and his…

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These Women Took The Life Of Their Young Maid And The Whole Pakistan Now Wants Justice For Uzma!

Child labor in Pakistan is one of the most common problems that need to be fixed and sorted out. Several children are forced to work in the agricultural sector and…

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A Man In Rawalpindi Was Caught After Making A Baby With His Teenage Daughter And It Is Absolutely Sickening!

The crime rate in Pakistan only seems to rise and our country just keeps on falling in the pit of crime. Recently, we stumbled upon a piece of news that…

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An Old Man And His Daughter Were Dragged And Humiliated By Islamabad Police And This Is Sheer Badtameezi!

Education is the core of human evolution. When renaissance happened in 14-15th century, people started exploring into various fields of work as art and architecture and physics! It was much…

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This 22-Year-Old Girl Was Forced To Take Her Own Life After Her Father Forcefully Got Her Engaged!

When a child grows up, they are assured to have their parent's support! The parents who teach their kids to make the first step, they teach them to eat and learn.…

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These 2 Medical Students Took Their Last Breath In Lahore In Their Hostel Rooms And Our Hearts Are Shattered!

The recent cases about people taking their lives all over the world are making everyone think to ask this one grieve question! What actually is going wrong in the world?! After the…

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Another Innocent 9 Year Old Girl In Lahore Loses Her Life After Being Mishandled And It Is Heartbreaking!

This year, when almost all of the world was celebrating the new year's eve; Pakistan heard the worst news of all! A girl as young as 6-years-old was subjected to…

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Here’s How It Feels Like To Be An “Ahmadi” In Pakistan

There are questions lurking around, asking for dues, to make amends. There are answers hidden beneath the coffin of despair, apologizing but I still don't know where should I start.…

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Police Finds Body of a 7-Year-Old Girl In Faisalabad After She was Physically Assaulted

On Tuesday 3rd July 2018, the body of a seven-year-old girl was found in Muzaffar Colony in Faisalabad. As reported by Express-News, the medical exam conducted on the minor's dead…

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An Open Letter To Chief Justice Of Pakistan Mr. Saqib Nisar

Respected Sir, After losing all hope in courts of Karachi, I found no other option than to write this letter to you. Sir, 5 years ago we left our house,…

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