Police Have Arrested Two Suspects Involved In The Rape And Murder Of 10-Year-Old Farishta And Pakistanis Are Hoping For Justice!


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Since the last three years, Pakistan has seen a high rise in cases related to minor girls. Subjected to rape, domestic abuse, honor killing and what not, the daughters of this state are now struggling hard to survive among the worst prevailing minds. How low as a society are we being portrayed to the world? This country has experienced the meanest scenarios possible but targetting children is just heartbreaking.

On May 15, Farishta a 10-year-old girl from Mohmand Agency went out to play in the evening. As it got late and she didn’t return, her father Ghulam Nabi started searching but couldn’t find her anywhere. Worried and scared, Ghulam thought that her daughter has been abducted and lodged a First Information Report (FIR) at his earliest. A missing person’s report was filed the next day.

The case everyone was thinking of as abduction turned out to be a terrifying nightmare for Ghulam. Brutally wounded body of the minor was recovered five days later from Chak Shahzad area of Islamabad. Later, it was identified that the 10-year-old Farishta was raped before being killed and acid burns were also seen on her body.

After recovering, the body was then sent to Poly Clinic for post mortem but it experienced a major delay. Previously, the Shahzad Town police instead of filing an FIR blamed the lost minor that she may have eloped with someone.

Member National Assembly (MNA) Mohsin Dawar started following the case on social media and kept posting updates. As the issue went viral, the police then registered an FIR due to extreme pressure. Dawar also said that at first, the administration of Poly Clinic refused to do post mortem on the victim’s body but on it was finally done yesterday.

This is the FIR!

The police arrested two people on Tuesday who are said to be connected with the abduction and alleged rape of the minor. A protest had also been staged at Taramari Chowk by the family of the victim and the victim was not yet buried. According to the father, Farishta will be buried as soon as the culprits will be caught and punished. Seeking justice is not something wrong.

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Pakistanis are in sheer anger regarding the case!

Punish in a way that an example is set!

A question was raised for the PM!

A glimpse of the protest recorded!

When will it end?

Pakistanis are now hoping that Farishta gets justice soon and the culprits are made an example for others.

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