Shireen Mazari Has Appointed A Transgender To Work In MOHR And This Is The Positive Pakistan We Deserve!


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The trans community of Pakistan always remained neglected, their rights non-existent and often times were taken undue advantage of by people with malicious intentions. Pakistan although a Muslim state that is based on Islamic principles and values didn’t quite reflect the same in their laws; Islam has given equal rights to everyone regardless of their gender.

The transgender community was paid no heed by the government or by the locals. They couldn’t pursue quality education, take on white collar jobs or governments jobs and unfortunately had no access to proper healthcare. They, to date, remain discriminated in Pakistani society.

Times have surely changed and Pakistan took a few although small but forward positive steps towards providing transgenders a dignified place in this country’s community. Marvia Malik at 21 years of age became the first transgender news anchor. Similarly, the federal government hired Muhammad Zahid alias Nomi as a cook for their Islamabad headquarters making history. Furthermore, the incumbent PTI government didn’t sit idle as well.

Ministry Of Human Rights Appoints First Transgender Person Ayesha Moghul, Shireen Mazari Tweets

Her tweet states: “Welcomed our first transgender Ayesha Moghul who is going to work in MOHR as a resource person – Thank you @UNDP_Pakistan

Mazari also showed gratitude to UNDP (United Nations Development Programme’s) Pakistan chapter for helping in making this latest development a success. A progressive step towards facilitating the transgender community that is often subjected to harsh discrimination in all areas of life.

On The Other Hand, Trans People Can Now Join Police Force As Constables, Announces IG Sukkur Dr. Jamil Ahmed

He mentioned that a total of 5 percent quota has been reserved for them in the police force, saying that now they can become part of the team however, only as constables.

He explained that their hiring is being carried out with the aim to normalize their employment prospects in all fields and also increase their standing in the Pakistani community that has shunned them for far too long. In his words, “move was aimed to facilitate the respect of transgender people”.

We hope to see a Pakistan where the sight of transgenders in the workplace becomes normal and they no longer remain alienated. What do you think? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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