A 22-Year-Old Girl Went For Sehri In Rawalpindi But Ended Up Getting Raped By Policemen On Gunpoint!


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The biggest problem currently prevailing in our society is the illegal use of power by the uniformed forces. In the normal world, the citizens of any county look over to the police at times of need but in Pakistan people try their best to stay away from the so-called protectors of the state. The politicization of the police has literally sucked the nation to the core that the citizens are responsible for their own selves.

By the mid of last week, a tragic incident regarding a girl from Rawalpindi came onto the mainstream media. A 22-year-old girl from the Punjab side of the country was allegedly raped by 4 men at gunpoint. After the arrests were made, it was revealed that 3 out of 4 accomplices were on duty policemen whereas one of them was an outsider.

According to the reports, the victim was out for Sehri with her friend on 15th of May when the monsters in police uniforms abducted her, forced her into their car and raped her brutally. All 4 accomplices took turns on the girl and robbed her afterward. A gold ring and 30,000 cash were snatched from the girl before throwing her on a road near her hostel.

Later on, the victim filed a complaint in the Rawat Police Station, Rawalpindi. Faisal Rana, Capital City Police Officer (CCPO), lodged the First Information Report (FIR) against the 4 men involved. Suspects were arrested and the 3 police officers involved in the case were suspended. Whereas, Station House Officer (SHO) Azeem stated that a medico-legal test of the girl has been conducted and they are now waiting for the reports. The final report will clarify whether the victim was raped or not. Tweets were made regarding the case and Pakistanis are very angry.

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This tweet went viral and Pakistanis are not staying calm anymore!

And again all men became dogs!

Why every man is targetted every time?

The slogan ‘To Serve And Protect’ is now meaningless for the awaam as our muhafiz have become worse than animals. May Allah protect every soul and help Pakistan get rid of filthy minds.

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