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The Tragic Accident Of Vaneeza Ahmed’s Sister And Her Two Friends In Islamabad Gives Us A Great Lesson On Speed!

A family is dear to everyone. People can leave anything and everyone in the world, but family. As people say that family has blood ties, the reason everyone has a…

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Saudi Prince Mohd Bin Salman Plans To Give 675 Million Riyals For Mohmand And Diamer Dam And WOAH!

Pakistan has had an economic crisis for quite long now, the previous government(s) looted the country and they were quite okay with everything until their mistakes were pointed out. Like…

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Here’s How Every Pakistani Can Work Together To Reduce Traffic Violations!

Our society lives in the bliss of ignorance. The educated have become the layman and the illiterates; leaders. Amongst these crooked personalities are concentrated outlaws promoting the very nature of…

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Gul Bukhari Just Leaked A Weird, Personal Picture Of PM Imran Khan And Pakistanis Are Extremely Angry!

Imran Khan's progress has been quite evident by all the people. Recently, a survey was conducted from common Pakistanis, where a vast majority of people were happy with whatever little…

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Supreme Court Of Pakistan Just Let Asia Bibi Go Free And This Is The ‘Naya Pakistan’ We Were Promised!

There are loopholes in every management, be it in the management of a company, or government. There are always some minor and some major faults from their end. Remember, some…

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Imran Ismail Is Winning Many Hearts After He Paid His Fine For Over Speeding On M-2 Motorway!

Given the situation of politics, last year it was nothing but chaos! Imran Khan was adamant to topple the "legacy" of Nawaz Sharif. It is sheer bad luck for the…

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An Old Man And His Daughter Were Dragged And Humiliated By Islamabad Police And This Is Sheer Badtameezi!

Education is the core of human evolution. When renaissance happened in 14-15th century, people started exploring into various fields of work as art and architecture and physics! It was much…

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Anti-Nasha Minister Shehryar Afridi’s Nephew Was Caught With Half Kg Of ‘Stuff’ And Woah That Tabdeeli!

Recently, Talal Nadir Afridi who’s the nephew of Minster Shehryar Afridi was taken into custody in a Sunday night with two of his friends after they were found with 'stuff'…

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Pakistan Army Just Took Down An Indian Spy Drone Over LOC And Pakistanis Are Having A Laugh

This year when the Director General ISPR greeted the country in his tweet, he said that "2019 will be the year of progress". The country is quite hopeful with the current…

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This Rickshawala Is Offering Free Rides To Pak Army Members And Is Being Praised By ISPR As Well!

There is always a debate going on about how the army has always been the "richest" in the country. Because the budget that we have for the army is much…

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