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CSS 2019 Saga: Pakistani Bureaucrats Sold Exam Papers To More Than 1000 Aspirants And This Is Such A Shame!

We all know how many good position jobs are acquired in Pakistan. Either by some source or resource (read money) and merit is no such thing to be used on…

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This Indian Girl Wanted To Take Lahore From Pakistan After Kashmir Incident And Pakistanis Are Roasting Her!

After partition, there were many people who were in favor of the move and there were others who were not! Well, that clan which was against the partition never got…

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15 Hilarious Memes From The First Match Of PSL That Are Breaking The Internet!

The fourth edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL) is all set to kick-off at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium with defending champions Islamabad United taking on Lahore Qalandars in the…

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Gul Bukhari Just Leaked A Weird, Personal Picture Of PM Imran Khan And Pakistanis Are Extremely Angry!

Imran Khan's progress has been quite evident by all the people. Recently, a survey was conducted from common Pakistanis, where a vast majority of people were happy with whatever little…

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“Who is going to bring back the parents of those little kids?” – This Pakistani Girl Is Questioning CTD For All The Right Reasons!

On 19th January, Khalil was going to Bure Wala - village near Sahiwal, on a car along with his family. CTD - Counter Terrorism Department by mistake opened fire on…

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A Satan’s Statue Was Being Displayed In Lahore Museum And People Think It’s A ‘Yahoodi Saazish’ By Illuminati!

Lahore High Court (LHC) has issued a notice to Chief Secretary Punjab and Director of Lahore Museum on Thursday to submit a reply on pertaining to a petition seeking the…

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Imran Ismail Is Winning Many Hearts After He Paid His Fine For Over Speeding On M-2 Motorway!

Given the situation of politics, last year it was nothing but chaos! Imran Khan was adamant to topple the "legacy" of Nawaz Sharif. It is sheer bad luck for the…

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Lahore Airport Will Be Opening A ‘Sharaab Khana’ And Pakistanis Are Losing Their Minds!

Our country never fails to surprise us, one day or the other we have news that just either leaves the public in awe or downright angry. Recently, 'sharaab' is set…

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After Donkey Meat, Lahoris Are Ready To Try Ostrich Meat And Pakistanis Are Having A Good Laugh!

So, the latest news that has been surfacing over social media is that the Department of Livestock and Dairy Development of Punjab, Sardar Hasnain Dreshak, opened an ostrich meat shop…

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A 3-Year-Old Almost Lost His Life During Kite Flying And We’re Afraid Basant Might Be Cancelled Again!

The Punjab government on Tuesday announced its decision to lift the 12-year-old ban imposed on celebrating Basant saying the festival — which marks the arrival of Spring season — will…

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