A Lawyer From Faisalabad Beat A Woman Forcing Her To Drop Charges Of Rape Against His Client!


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Pakistan may be the only country where hospitals, courts, police stations, in fact, every organization working for the betterment of the citizens, has become a business. The law and order situation of the country is getting worse day by day. The courts are filled with millions of pending cases and no one to ask for justice. Daily several files pile up on the judge’s desk and are then dragged till the victim gets empty and withdraws the case by himself. Every government organization is filled with corrupt faces who are just keeping their checks straight and not performing their duties.

Earlier this week on Thursday, Faisalabad Sessions Court turned into a fighting ring as a dispute got hot between a woman and a lawyer. Beforehand, the lady had filed a rape case against a person who was being presented by the lawyer. The lawyer was being accused of pressuring her to drop the charges and leave the case. The lady who was already devastated by the delays lost her calm and hit the lawyer. The lawyer hit her back and it started a fight between the two. The fight got intense, neither the lady nor the lawyer was leaving the other and the public had to intervene and stop them.

Here’s the video of the brawl between the insolent lawyer and the lady who had filed the case. It all happened within Faisalabad Sessions Court Premises!

This is not the first time a thing like this has happened in Pakistan. The sluggish system of justice prevailing within the country is not acceptable and shouldn’t be practiced. Making the hashtag #JusticeShouldPrevail viral isn’t the solution, the government needs to make justice easy for the common people. Hoping that tomorrow will have at least something satisfactory in store for the country’s interest and its people.

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