A 10-Year-Old Innocent Girl Farishta Was Raped And Murdered In Islamabad And We All Want Justice!


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Zainab Ansari, 6-year-old – Raped and Murdered. 

Nine-year-old from Nowshera – Raped and Murdered. 

Two-year-old from Bhara Kahu – Raped by the neighbor. 

Thirteen-year-old Christian girl from a rural area near Gujranwala – Raped. 

These are just a few names of thousands of young minor girls that go through horrific sexual abuse and rape. When will Pakistan’s authorities set an example of the culprits and engage heavy crackdown on these barbaric criminals?

Yet another flower is plucked, crumpled and thrown away. Another story of gruesome torture and rape has come to light, the little child ‘Farishta Mohmand’, a 10-year-old girl is no more. The minor and her family belongs to Mohmand Agency and according to the sources, she went out to play on May 15th and never returned.

Mutilated Body of Farishta Discovered After Five Days From Chak Shahzad In Islamabad

Her body, much like in the case of Zainab was discovered from Chak Shahzad Town, Islamabad on Tuesday according to the sources. Authorities reported that she was raped, tortured and murdered. The culprits then left her body in the forest. One cannot even imagine the sexual torture and physical abuse she must have gone through before taking her last breath.

Her body has been moved to Poly Clinic for post mortem that is being delayed while the family protests upon the setback. They say the respective authorities took four long days in registering a first information report.

The Heart Of Everyone Bleeds And Demands Justice For Farishta

Don’t know the authenticity of this claim, but absolutely disgusted if this is true. If this is the mindset of the authorities that are supposed to provide protection and justice then it makes it clear why Pakistan is where it is.

It is time to kill the rapists. It is time to set an example so dreadful that any man would think more than twice before committing such unspeakable crime. Provided our authorities also take swift actions.

We have failed our women and our children. We have failed Zainab, Farishta and countless other angels that lose their lives in the worst of ways.

The father broken and crying while the animal roams free. Where are the authorities?

How many more cases do the authorities need to start a proper action plan? When will the realization hit them and when will these culprits be captured and punished? It seems like a lost cause in Pakistan. The best anyone can do in this nation is to keep their children close to them at all times.

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