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Reham Khan Just Called Imran Khan A ‘Charsi Driver’ Steering Pakistan And PTI Fans Are Literally ‘Rubbing It In’!

Humans are full of mistakes and errors, no human born in this world is perfect! This is a universal truth that we all know, but there was a mistake that…

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This Pakisani Officer At A Passport Office Was Caught Doing Something Utterly Gross And WTH?!

At some point in our lives, we all have been through this phase called "green passport" talashi! Yeah, you heard that right, and if you haven't been in that situation,…

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Google Shows That US Dollar Has Dropped Down To Rs. 76 And The Internet Is Having A Huge Meltdown!

Kia hogaya ye??!! Gifer Google is known for its utmost creativity on multiple occasions but this time, Google's so-called 'glitch' (as many are calling it) has stirred a storm on social…

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This Picture Of A Chota Bacha From Karachi Eat Is Going Viral And People Are Angry For Many Reasons!

Karachi is a mother to many kids! A throbbing population of 2.5 crores is living and breathing in this city, and is still growing with each passing year. We have so…

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This Is How You Can Find Out Who Has Been Stalking You On All Your Social Media Apps!

In the 21st century, social media has become one of the most vital parts of everyone's lives. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and the world, indeed, has become…

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Imran Khan Shared A Beautiful Naat From His Twitter And People Think Bushra Bibi Might Be Behind It!

Our Prime Minister, Imran Khan never fails to impress us. The prime minister showcased his immense love for the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on several occasions. Whenever he talked, he resembled his…

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Pakistani Twitter Just Exploded After A Guy Referred To Girls As ‘Sealed Juice Boxes’ And Astaghfirullah!

If there's one thing that's constant on Pakistani social media platforms, it's juicy stories erupting out of thin air. Validating opinions is one thing, but going completely against the ethics…

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Zayn Malik’s New Cover Song Has Triggered The Whole Sub-Continent And It’s Hilarious!

Zayn Malik and One Direction were once one entity. But him leaving the band was a shock to many, maybe because it is believed that the front man in any…

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Twitter Might Get Banned In Pakistan And Here’s All That You Need To Know

Twitter, one of the popular social media platforms and microblogging site around the world which has become an integral part for political parties, has a threat to be banned in…

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