18-Year-Old Teacher From Multan, Asma, Was Left To Die After Being Tortured In School Every Day!


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People are now questioning the law enforcing agencies of Pakistan as the security conditions are getting worse day by day. Snatching, kidnappings and several other cases related to the security of citizens have made it all over the news. Nearly every day, a new case is being reported by local news channels and everyone is asking ‘hamaray muhafiz kahan hain’?

Yesterday, another tragic story of a young teacher from Multan surfaced on social media. According to the reports, Madam Nargis who is said to be the head of Junior Staff at Laureate Group of Schools (Haris Campus), Multan is accused of murdering a young teacher named Asma. The sources believe that the teacher, who was not even 18 was regularly humiliated and tortured in her working hours. Asma’s father is a ‘Moazzam’ of a Mosque near to the house and her mother is a housewife. Around seven thousand rupees was her basic salary by which she would help her father and fulfill her little brother’s needs. Khalid Javed Warraich, an active member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is said to be the Chief Executive of the school.

Two days back, an event was arranged within the school about which Asma was not told. She came to school on time and was again insulted badly by Madam Nargis for no apparent reason. Devastated internally, Asma’s blood pressure started dropping but she couldn’t tell anyone. Later that day, the head pushed Asma on stage for presentation without her consent. She couldn’t stand still, fell down, her head hit the chair nearby and she went unconscious.

Caring about the school’s reputation Nargis stopped everyone to call the ambulance. The Chief Executive refrained from using his car to take Asma to the hospital and a rickshaw was finally called. Asma was bleeding severely but no one cared. First, she was taken to a local clinic where the doctor did not take her case. She was then taken to Nishtar Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Pakistanis are now questioning the law enforcing agencies. Many prayers and emotions were expressed on different social platforms by Pakistanis.

Where’s the respect gone?


Allah sb ko hidayat de!




No matter what happened, no human deserves to be humiliated!


This guy is ready to help the family!

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