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A Pakistani Security Guard Left A Heartfelt Message To His Son Who Studies In A University And We’re Not Crying, You Are!

Every day, we come across inspiring stuff on the internet and it really leaves us speechless. This story is also going to inspire you and make you feel grateful for…

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Parhlo - ADIG Kamran Fazal - 5

Sindh Police’s ADIG Allegedly Showed His Power And Badmashi By Bothering A Couple At Night And It Is So Wrong!

Everyone knows how the police department in Pakistan works. It is true that not all the police officers are the same but generally, the police department is considered as the…

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Shahid Afridi Reveals His Struggle, How He Changed His Father’s Views Of Cricket And It Is So Inspiring!

Shahid Afridi is a name that is not unknown to anyone who has any knowledge about the sport of cricket. Shahid Afridi is arguably one of the biggest stars for…

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After News Of India’s Fake F-16 Claims Busted By USA, Indians Are Bashing Modi For Lying And It Is So Awkward!

There has been a lot of twists and surprises in the current Indo-Pak situation that has been going on for a while now. And the most recent development in this…

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Parhlo - Nuclear War

Here’s Why We Must Think Twice Before Using Our Nuclear Weapons And Rather Opt For Peace!

"Nuclear weapons offer us nothing but a balance of terror, and a balance of terror is still terror", said American scientist George Wald. Nuclear weapons have the potential to both…

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These ‘Unpaid’ House Officers Are Exposing The Reality Of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital And This Is So Unfair!

Getting admission in MBBS was a dream come true but no one that it would turn into this. It takes 2.5 lacs (on merit) and 17.5 lacs (on self-finance) to…

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Abhinandan’s Wife Asked Him To Bring Something ‘Special’ From Pakistan And Pakistanis Are Having A Good Laugh!

A Pakistani police officer madeAbhinandan speak to his wife. When the Indian air force pilot was downed by Pakistan Air Force, he ejected himself safely and landed in Pakistan. After…

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Fake Peer In Bhawalnagar

This Fake Peer Set An Innocent Girl On Fire While Taking Out The ‘Jinn’ Inside Her And This Culture Needs To End!

Almighty Allah has sent a large number of prophets to guide human being. To get the answer to their queries related to religion, people went to the prophets and his…

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Asif Zardari’s Step-Brother ‘Tappi Zardari’ Has Been Arrested In Dubai And How The Mighty Have Fallen!

The most talked about "2015 money laundering case", where the federal investigation agency began a discreet investigation into certain bank accounts. Which later found out to have made a huge…

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A Young Man Created His Own Airplane In Punjab And Police Took Him Away Before He Could Fly It!

Punjab Police took a man in custody for making a small aircraft on Monday. According to the details, a youngster Muhammad Fayyaz in Pakpattan made a small aircraft and brought it…

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