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PM Imran Khan Considers Removing CM Usman Buzdar And It Seems Like Tabdeeli Scene Is Going Strong!

After Tabdeeli spring sweeping through the Federal Cabinet, this might well be the time for the Punjab Government to exhibit some fireworks at the crease. Before his departure, Asad Umar…

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PM Imran Khan Finally Opens Up About Marriage Problems With Bushra Bibi And Wow, Our PM Is A Lover Boy!

On Saturday during his interview, Imran Khan was inquired about the rumors of a rocky relationship with his current wife. He put those rumors to rest by saying that Bushra Bibi…

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PM Imran Khan Made Fun Of Zulfi Bukhari And Atif Khan’s ‘Dressing’ In Public And Kaptaan Heavy Khel Gaye!

Ever since Imran Khan was in cricket, people know him for being straightforward and unapologetic. But that doesn't mean he's unkind and not respectable, he's only truthful and knows when…

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PM Imran Khan Pays A Surprise Visit To The Shelter Homes At Rawalpindi And We’re Super Proud Of Our Leader!

Helping the poor and going an extra mile to lift their spirirts is just another good deed that we must learn to follow. Shab-e-Miraj is the night when the Holy…

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The Government Just Increased Petrol Prices By Rs 6 And Pakistanis Are Having A Meltdown With Anger!

The federal government of Pakistan increased the petrol and diesel prices by up to Rs. 6 per liter and kerosene and light diesel oil (LDO) prices by three rupees a liter on…

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This Is How Pakistanis Are Celebrating After PM Imran Khan Announced Pakistan Has Largest Oil Reserves In Asia!

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has made a huge announcement on Monday for Pakistanis. In a conversation with journalists, he said that Asia's largest oil and gas reserves may…

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Indian PM Modi Now Wants To Fight ‘Poverty And Illiteracy’ WITH Pakistan Aur Modi Ke Toh Rung Hi Badal Gaye!

The Pulwama incident has been an ongoing hot topic for quite some time now and from entertainment to sports - everyone and everything is dragged in the Pulwama incident. Recently,…

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Former President Of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf Shuts Up An Indian Reporter On Pulwama Incident And Man, We’re Blown Away!

The Pulwama incident is the topic of discussion on every other social media platform currently. Recently, in an interview with India Today former Pakistan's president, General Pervez Musharraf backed Prime…

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Indians Allegedly Set Imran Khan’s Dummy On Fire Which Made Pakistanis Angry, But There’s A HUGE Twist!

The recent Pulwama incident has shaken the internet and Pakistanis and Indians are outraged! It indeed has changed a lot of things and let’s just say that things are getting…

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Javed Akhtar’s Tweet Against Imran Khan Just Made Pakistanis Troll Him And Seriously, Why Do Indians Even Try?

On Thursday 14th February 2019, at least 44 paramilitary Indian soldiers lost their lives on occupied Kashmir Highway in Pulwama. According to the details, the convoy was bringing the troopers back…

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