These Women Were Recorded Beating Men In Karachi Just Before Iftaar And Is Shaitaan Even Qaid In Ramazan?


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Pakistan has a constant theme to its daily news and sadly it is not the best in nature in fact, the worst. Every day the headlines involve a case involving some sort of wrong committed against a woman, a girl or a mere child; most of them, terribly gruesome and some that make your heart cry in pain.

A lot of the women of Pakistan are in a constant state of frustration when they step out of their houses since one way or another a man or two find their way to them creating a hostile environment. A setting in which the women are approached with unpure intentions either to pass crass comments or worse, touch them inappropriately.

There was a time when women would quietly suffer and were too scared to raise their voices against the injustice but times have surely changed. The women are adopting zero tolerance policy and do not hesitate to raise their voice or hand if need be. A very recent case is proof of how difficult it is for girls to survive in this male-dominated society. Constantly being bullied by the lawyer of the accused, the woman who filed a rape case had enough and decided to strike him that ended up in a brawl and had to be broken down by the spectators. He was repeatedly asking her to drop the charges made against his client and imagine how hard it must have been for her to take such a big step in the first place.

Another Video Surfaces Where Two Women Are Thrashing Men On A Roadside in Karachi

Although details are yet to be known, we can only speculate that the grown women must be beating the men who seem younger for a reason that is valid. What could they have possibly done that the women were so angered to keep beating them for a good few minutes and to the point that one had to take her slipper off in the middle of the road?

Whatever the reason may be, it wouldn’t be surprising, to say the least. A country where a girl is kidnapped right outside a house, to little innocent girls mercilessly exploited physically, to women who suffer some sort of unwanted attention or physical contact- the reason behind this course of action taken by these women would be least shocking. Until when do women have to suffer and until when the men of this country will continue to behave like animals. Where is Islam now? Where are ethics and morals now?

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