Women Who Murdered Little Angel Uzma Have Allegedly Got Bail And This Is The Peak Of Injustice!


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Child abuse in Pakistan has massively increased and it just sad to know how many children are victimized on a daily basis. Innocent little children are tortured and abused in ways that one cannot even imagine.

A few months ago, we came across a case where a 16-year-old girl named Uzma was physically tormented and electrocuted by the owners of the house. Once Uzma drew her last breath, she was tossed in a watercourse as if she was nothing but trash.

Poor Uzma was asked to sleep in the washroom and was denied access to meet her family. Uzma would suffer every single day, in the hands of these vicious women and would get beaten by ladles until she bled. How can one be so cold-hearted? Are we even humans? Adding on to her violent act she left the girl all on her own to die.

Remember this video?

It’s heartbreaking to see her torturers laughing at her pain!

Here are those two women who murdered the innocent girl!


You remember the faces now?

Well, as we were praying and waiting for f justice, it turns out that the two women have been bailed out.

Pakistanis are furious and questioning the law enforcement agencies!

How sad.

Even Nadia Jamil shared her two cents!

Why is justice always delayed?


There should be no mercy for these women. They took the life of an innocent and might just do it again. A murder will always remain a murderer. When will we ever learn to treat the underprivileged with respect and just treat them the same way as we want to be treated? When will the hate and discrimination end?

Who will demand these vicious women don’t do this to another child? Poverty should definitely not lead to this. No child or adult deserves to be tortured to death! Whatever happened to justice?!

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