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This disclaimer is valid for the website as well as all the social media pages of Parhlo. Hence, the usage of website, parhlo.com, including Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter handle and any other social media page managed or owned by Parhlo.

The content is for open minded, light-hearted people who do not believe in taking everything to their heart and appreciate good humour. The content is focused towards more mature audience that believe in diversity and do not get offended by a humour based content.

The content on the website does not intend to hurt the sentiments or be biased towards or against any individual, society, gender, creed, nation or religion (irrespective of their school of thought). The content published on the website is for entertainment purpose only.

The website encourages youth to voice their opinion and write on any topic they want to, without any restrictions. The writers practice the artists’ rights to express their views. They are open to write on reality based controversial social issues as well as fiction with utmost creativity in all possible forms. Practicing the right of freedom of expression, writers are not restricted to use harsh words, ridicules and other forms of expressions to put across their point.

Yet, the opinions expressed in every article are writers’ own and DO NOT necessarily reflect and represent views and opinions of Parhlo.com.

Our Philosophy: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”- Evelyn Beatrice Hall

Viewing any content on the website/ social media pages is a conscious choice of the visitor. We highly recommend that unless you are completely convinced, it is preferable that you do not read anything on the website that you might find ‘offensive’.

Parhlo.com is all about voicing everyone’s views and to become more tolerant and respectful to others’ opinions. We are not going to stop. We discourage people having lop-sided views to visit the website. Not everyone have that tendency and open-mindedness to become a part of such a transformation – to respect, tolerate and appreciate difference of opinion.

Despite constant warnings, if you still intend to visit the website, you will be doing it completely on your own risk and cannot blame or hold parhlo.com or any of its social media pages accountable for any damages whatsoever (emotional, social, physical, psychological or in any other form that may emerge).

Parhlo does not take ownership of the images uploaded on the website/ social media platforms owned and managed by Parhlo.com. Most of them are crowd-sourced. However, the memes and (content on) gifs are original.

Parhlo.com reserves the right to take legal action against pages/ websites/ forums/ social media profiles that publish content copied from/ inspired by Parhlo.com without permission.

Parhlo.com is Pakistan’s leading and most inspiring youth based content publishing platform!

The articles shared under ‘Your Voice’ section are sent to us by contributors and we neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of any facts stated below. Parhlo will not be liable for any false, inaccurate, inappropriate or incomplete information presented on the website.

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