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CM Buzdar Story - Parhlo

PM Imran Khan Considers Removing CM Usman Buzdar And It Seems Like Tabdeeli Scene Is Going Strong!

After Tabdeeli spring sweeping through the Federal Cabinet, this might well be the time for the Punjab Government to exhibit some fireworks at the crease. Before his departure, Asad Umar…

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Fawad Chaudhry Story -

Pakistanis Found This Old Tweet Of Fawad Ch. Saying ‘Mean Things’ About Firdous Ashiq And This Is Karma!

Mr. Fawad Chaudry who is always making viral headlines throughout the Pakistani media for his outspokenness and a raucous spree of words is now facing the music of own harp…

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This Pakistani Girl Think That PTI Government Is On A Journey Towards Failed Approach And You Need To See This!

Power is such a toxic thing that it sometimes leaves behind all morality and humanity. When someone leaves his ideology to become a part of the power, it shows how…

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MNA Alamgir Khan Dared To Throw Gutter Water Inside CM House And Now The Police Is After Him!

PTI is currently known for its good work. Probably the only government with which a "vast" majority is happy! Well, at least this is what the stats say so. A…

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A PTI Minister Just Labeled Hot Water Geysers A “Luxury” And Pakistanis Don’t Know If They Should Laugh Or Cry!

Naya Pakistan has been full of surprises so far and every day there has been something absolutely interesting coming up. Some things have been so unexpected that none of us…

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Gul Bukhari Just Leaked A Weird, Personal Picture Of PM Imran Khan And Pakistanis Are Extremely Angry!

Imran Khan's progress has been quite evident by all the people. Recently, a survey was conducted from common Pakistanis, where a vast majority of people were happy with whatever little…

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Here Are 15 Things That Changed In The New Mini-Budget And Finally, Thori Tabdeeli Nazar Arahi Hai!

Finance Minister of Pakistan Asad Umar presented third finance bill for the current fiscal year on Wednesday in National Assembly. Asad Umar clarified in his mini-budget speech that this is…

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PM Imran Khan Allows Pakistan’s First Jew To Visit Israeli Occupied Palestine On Pakistan’s Green Passport!

For as long as we can remember, diplomatic ties have not been established and Pakistan has refused to recognize Israel. Pakistan forbids its citizens from going to Israel and all…

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PM Imran Promises To Make Overseas Pakistanis Proud While Those Living In Pakistan Are Begging For Relief!

On Tuesday 22nd January, Prime Minister Imran Khan of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) went vocal about how he needs and is striving to make a ‘Naya Pakistan’ that foreign Pakistanis…

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People Are Bashing Hamza Shahbaz For Laughing & Enjoying At Sahiwal Children’s House But Here’s The Truth!

While the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) is busy finding the details of Sahiwal incident, social media users have other things to do. JIT is blaming CTD officials for their negligence…

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