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Girls-Only Schools Burnt Down in Gilgit, Balistan – Is Our Country Afraid Of Educated Female Youth?

Diamer: at least a dozen schools were burnt overnight in the Diamer district of Gilgit Balistan in incidents that have shown a dark, repressive side of this country yet again.…

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Government Of Punjab Bans Dancing At School Events And The Debate Is Heating Up!

After the incident of Zainab Ansari's rape in Jhang, Punjab, a lot of debate has taken place on digital media, as to what drives pedophiles and what brings out the…

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This is why Career Counseling should be termed Vital for Youth in Our Schools

There are various students who are pursuing their career in different fields but they are either disengaged from it or they do not enjoy doing it. Some are still moving…

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These Teachers Travel from Island to Island in Karachi Only to Educate Children

A few miles away from the port of Kiamari in the midst of the sea lies too closely, populated islands called “Baba” and “Bhit”.  Every day, a group of teachers, both…

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Education in Pakistan: The Whole System Needs A Massive Revamp!

From the poor to the rich, the education has become everyone's need. Every child, even from the slums, has an urge to have a decent job in an office. All…

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Here’s a Strong Message for All Those Who Think Studying Commerce is a Wrong Choice

“Society, society, society!!!” Common word? heard most? Yeah, that’s right. Society is all that matters now to each and every single citizen. You leave your dreams behind just because of…

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KPK Government Includes Quran Hakeem in the School Syllabus of All Government Schools

Without a doubt, the KP government has proven itself vital and has shown a progressive side in their current tenure. Despite the political moves and shades the parties throw at…

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Absence of Quality Education in Pakistan – Does It Need a Revamp?

Any nation can prosper with bright minds steering it in the right direction. However, in Pakistan, while there may be many bright minds, they are not directed rightly so as…

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When Would Our So-Called Patriotic Politicians Update The Education Curriculum?

I would rather not comment on this year's MDCAT. Many people have talked about it and I feel that they've summed up the situation well. I want to talk from…

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