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Meet Riasat Rana – A Pakistani Who Left His Life Hanging To Help The Suffering Rohingya Muslims

This article is about a person's heart-breaking, yet an eye-opening journey that I am sure most of us thought to make it happen at some point of life but never…

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India’s Extremist Hindus Are Cheering On Myanmar’s Rohingya Massacre

The worst massacre to hit the world since Syria and Kashmir, the Rohingya genocide is being condemned by almost all major players in the world. Myanmar's rogue Buddhist monks have…

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Here’s What You Need To Understand About The Situation of Burma and Role of Pakistan

For the past few years, Muslim Minority has been treated badly both in terms of physical and mental health around the world. We can either start from Kashmir where Muslims…

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Here’s How the Israelis are Helping the Myanmar Army Against the Rohingya

As per the human rights group and Burmese officials, it has been stated that the Israel has sold more than 100 tanks and boats to Myanmar, making their contribution in…

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Malala Yousufzai Breaks Silence over Rohingya Crisis and Receives Shocking Hate from People

Muslims in Rohingya are being targeted in a mass genocide supported by the government in Myanmar. Over 120,000 Muslim population, who are branded illegal immigrants and Bengali terrorists are suffering…

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The Rohingya Muslims Of Myanmar Are Being Massacred Right In Front Of The World

The status quo of the world has forever remained in an orgy of different massacres and bloodshed set to the beat of authoritarianism and mismanagement. Muslims have become the easiest…

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