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Crown Prince Mohd Bin Salman Just Ordered The Release Of 2000+ Pakistani Prisoners In KSA And We’re Celebrating!

Every Pakistani is aware of the visit of His Royal Highness, Deputy Prime Minister of Kingdom of Saudia Arabia Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS) to Pakistan. Last night the Prince was…

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Shabana Azmi And Javed Akhtar Cancelled Their Visit To Karachi After Pulwama Terror Attack And Pakistan Doesn't Care - Parhlo.com

Shabana Azmi And Javed Akhtar Cancelled Their Visit To Karachi After Pulwama Terror Attack And Pakistan Doesn’t Care!

Both India and Pakistan got independence in 1947, and both are geographically contiguous, yet the relations between the two are strained since there emancipation from the British rule. The deteriorated…

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These Bureaucrats Leaked And Sold CSS 2019 Exam Papers For Rs. 9 Lakh Each And Finally, Ye CSS Bhi Bikk Gaya!

Pakistan is a country, where a good merit-based job is a rare commodity due to rampant nepotism and corruption. There exist an annual based, the most prestigious exam of Central…

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A 4-Year-Old Kid ‘Haroon’ Lost His Life After Falling Into An Open Manhole In Karachi And This Is Such A Tragedy!

Death is a word that can make few of us depress or frighten, but the death of a child owing to an unnatural cause can bring down any soul. Karachi,…

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Pakistani Chef Fatima Ali Finally Loses Battle Against Cancer, Departs The World With A Million Prayers!

Departure from this world to the other sphere is inevitable. Few die a natural death and others with any disease, and no one is immortal. Although humans try to evade…

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Imran Khan Shared A Beautiful Naat From His Twitter And People Think Bushra Bibi Might Be Behind It!

Our Prime Minister, Imran Khan never fails to impress us. The prime minister showcased his immense love for the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on several occasions. Whenever he talked, he resembled his…

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Senior Anchor Nusrat Javed Alleges That Prime Minister Imran Khan Tried To Get Him Assassinated!

The 22nd Prime minister and his government are under huge criticism ever since they took the oath.  Be it opposition, anchors or common people on social media platforms, all are…

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A Pakistani Human Smuggler Was Caught While Going To Italy And OMG! These Conspiracy Theories Are Alarming

Among many vicious crimes, human trafficking is one of the worst crimes the world is witnessing, today. Human smuggling is rampant in the world and soaring in Pakistan. Pakistani authorities…

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Najam Sethi And Waqar Younis Sling Dirt At Each Other Revealing Dark Secrets Of Pakistani Cricket!

When it comes to cricket, Pakistanis are always geared up and ready. Although the national sports of Pakistan is hockey, people are more inclined towards cricket. It has often been…

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This Khan-Lala Intoxicated A Venomous Snake By Giving Him ‘The Green Stuff’ And It’s As Funny As It Sounds!

According to a universal definition which is seconded by Islam too, Human being is the most powerful entity in the world. It is powerful than mammals and reptiles and all other…

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