Pilgrims Are Being Treated Harshly By Saudi Airline Company, One Exposes Everything


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There have been reports and rumours about pilgrims being mishandled and mistreated during their stay in Makkah for Hajj, an annual event that holds immense importance for Muslims. Every year there is one group of pilgrims from Pakistan who do not get what they were promised when they reach Makkah for Hajj or during their journey back home. One pilgrim decided to take matter into his own hands as he exposed what was happening and what difficulties they faced as they were being brought back home.

Here I would like to share the video and pictures of last night Hajj Flight of Saudi Airline 706 from Madina to Khi Dated 09 Sep 2017.
Flight departure time was 1:35 PM (Saudi time)
Flight delayed 2.5 hrs and departure time from Madina Airport was 4 PM Saudi time. Jab hum plane main aye tu we feel that plane air conditioner is not working and over all plane condition is apathetic.
Hum ney complain ki key AC is not working the flight attendants tell us Jab plan take off karey ga AC Sahi hojaye ga. But aisa NAHI howa Saudi Airline pilot ney Sarrey passengers ki Zindagi ko Dao pey laga key without AC plane KHI laney ka faisala kara sarey passengers ney shahdid Ehtijaaj kara but they refused to return the plan to Madina or any near by airport .

Thori dair main plane main shaded suffocation start hoi aur kaye log behosh hogey aur plane main emergency ka samaa hogaya but Saudi officials ney plane NAHI utara aur passengers ki Zindagi risk per laga di

Kuch videos and pictures share kar raha ho
I am requesting you to please raise voice against them other wise they will treat Pakistani Hujjaj like that again.
This is how Saudi Airline treats ‘REHMAN GUEST’S’
SAUDIA AIRLINES الخطوط السعودية

In English

“Flight SV 706 Saudi Airlines flight from medinah to Karachi was a disasters experience we all passengers ever had . The flight was already delayed 3.5hrs . Later when we got in the airplane the plane was definitely an old model of Saudi airlines . There Air conditioners were not on even there fan was not working there screens were hanged up .The more serious issue was the A.C (Air conditioners ) was not working and due to that 6 passengers got fainted and 2 were about to die . This was the most miserable and horrible act from Saudi airlines . Even there oxygen tanks were not working properly . Really upset from this irresponsible attitude specially for the hujjajs .”

There may be many people like Muhammad Noman Yaqoob who would have went through equal trouble on different occassions. Travel agencies and government should work to improve the experience of people who pay a great sum of money in order to travel to the holiest place on Earth in Islam.

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