Comedian Jeremy McLellan Just Embarrassed Indians After Modi’s Election Win And The Burn Is Real!


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As Pakistan has been promoting its tourism for a long time now, a large number of foreign influencers and content creators have visited the country since then. Travel vloggers like Eva Zu Beck, The Food ranger, Mark Weins, Fun With Louis and many others with a huge following also traveled across the country and absolutely fell in love with the aesthetic pleasure it has to offer.

Born white but desi at heart goes well with Jeremy McLellan, an American stand-up comedian who had a really fun time in Pakistan two years back. From roasting India to being a ‘Pindi Boy’, he pulled off every Pakistani string within himself and made whole Pakistan fall in love with him. His political wittiness and humorous comic timing against India may have created many Indian haters but definitely got a lot of new Pakistani fans.

Jeremy McLellan preferred going to Pakistan over India and it has served as a nightmare for Bhartiya Janta!

Yesterday, the elections era in India came to an end after Chowkidar Modi’s win and the world didn’t like it. However, Jeremy had a five weeks tour of India aligned which he canceled following Modi’s win. The announcement was made on his official Twitter handle and the reactions on his tweet literally show how bad of a burn it was for poor Indians.

Here’s what Jeremy tweeted and Pakistan has started supplying ‘BURNOL’ across the border!

His preference for visiting Pakistan over India steered a wave of anger among our neighbors and Pakistanis are laughing really hard. He even shared screenshots of the entertaining messages he received by Indians and oh boy! Agent Jeremy has successfully completed the mission. An apology was also made for those who have already bought the show tickets.

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Feeling pity for Indians and their unstable minds!

Jeremy burning Indians since 2017!

Truth has been revealed!

Where Pakistanis are again ready to welcome Jeremy with open arms, the imbecility Indians are showing is hilarious. We just wish Jeremy visits Pakistan soon and that he keeps roasting our neighbors in the future too.

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