The Afghan Claim To Jerusalem Will Absolutely Melt Your Heart!


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We are the Pathans. We are those children of Israel who through unknown history ended up in the land of Afghanistan. The similarities between Bani Israel and Pukhtoon/Pushtoon tribes are uncanny. Once the Israelis were living in Canaan, they had been ordained by God to spread justice and humanity throughout the world. However, the sons of Israel rebelled against God and were cast out of Canaan

The process of pushing them out of Canaan went for centuries. It happened through invading Armies. However, the Israelis could never understand the gravity of their actions and were tortured and killed with incidents of their babies being thrown off towers and smashed against the walls recorded in history too. The question of the Israeli identity resurfaced after World War II after a group of people laid claim to the land of Palestine and after occupying it call the land of their ancestors.

Source: Carleton University

If the verses present in the Torah regarding the claim that the land known as Israel or Palestine is their right by ancestry, then the real sons of Israel are the Puktoons and it is now their responsibility to occupy Israel. A fascinating similarity among the old Israelis and present-day Pukhtons are the invaders that have ravaged the land of Puktoons for quite a few decades now.

The land of Afghanistan was invaded by the British, then the Russians, and finally the Americans. The Pukhtoon tribes living in Pakistan received a taste of the conflicts in the last decade as well with battles fought in Swat and FATA and finally, their children massacred in Peshawar. The region also saw natural disasters in the form of the 8th of October earthquakes and floods in the plains of the vale of Peshawar.

Source: People’s Daily

The Afghan has claimed to the land of Israel. It is their land. Moreover, it is their responsibility to end the killings of innocent civilians and implement the laws of Justice and peace in Israel. More research can be conducted by the University of Peshawar in this regard. The people who have occupied the land of Israel and are killing innocent Palestinians have no claim to that land.

They have been deceived and should be informed in time before people of the world begin realizing the inhumanity taking place. Once the world realizes that the occupants of Israel will be in danger. They are welcome to the land of Afghanistan and Pakistan for asylum.

We will save them from the world and give them shelter. They are our brethren after all and have been looking for a home to live in. We can give them a home in Afghanistan. If the occupants of Israel do not accept these terms then they have to be evicted forcefully. That is the responsibility of present-day Afghan and Pukhtoon.

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