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This Is The ‘Royal’ Food Menu PM Imran Khan Served to MBS And It Is The Tabdeeli We Needed -

This Is The ‘Royal’ Food Menu PM Imran Khan Served to MBS And It Is The Tabdeeli We Needed!

Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman visited Pakistan and right before he was coming people started counting all the fruitful benefits that he will bring along. LOL! After Imran Khan was declared…

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Saudi Prince Mohd Bin Salman Plans To Give 675 Million Riyals For Mohmand And Diamer Dam And WOAH!

Pakistan has had an economic crisis for quite long now, the previous government(s) looted the country and they were quite okay with everything until their mistakes were pointed out. Like…

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10 Things Only Pakistanis Living In Saudi Arabia Can Relate To!

Finding Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia is as common as looking for shawarma in the country. A number of Pakistanis migrate from Pakistan to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for different…

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A Pakistani Man Leaves his Wife For Another Woman In the Middle of Masjid-e-Nabwi and It Is Appalling

The occurrence of a Muslim man getting married for the 2nd or more time without the knowledge of his first wife isn't new in a society like ours. For whatever…

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Saudi Masjid-e-Imam Arrested For Speaking Against ‘Progressive Changes’ In Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arabia is considered to be the hub of Islam, because it is where the religion's advent began. Whenever there is a threat to the country or the Haram Shareef,…

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Man Who Murdered Medical Student In Kohat Successfully Flees To Saudi Arabia!

An extremely tragic incident took place in Kohat, where a young aspiring doctor was murdered in cold blood by a man named Mujahid Afridi. Third-year medical student Asma Bibi was…

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Saudi Arabia Takes Another Step Towards Women Rights And The World Appreciates It!

Meanwhile everyone is busy in the horrific incident of our Angel Zainab, here is another story to lighten up your mood, not forget her. Scarcely a few months ago, a…

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Pakistani Guy gets caught at the Customs for Carrying Drugs to Saudi Arabia worth Rs. 2 Crore

We all have seen many cases of drugs being transported to foreign countries and have heard stories that how some people successfully get it cleared through customs. A guy named Imtiaz…

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Here’s How Saudi Arabia Changed In One Week And What Muhammad Bin Salman Is Up To

The last week has changed the complete landscape of affairs in the most historic place of the world, Saudi Arabia. Muhammad Bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia and…

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Making Changes: Cinemas to Return in the Country!

The entire world witnessed the historical moment just a few days ago when the Royal decree of Saudi Arabia allowed giving women of the country the license to drive. In…

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