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Maheen Fatima of SECP Claims She Was Strong-armed By Zafar Hijazi To Tamper Documents!

The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) is turning over all stones in order to find a money trail that the Shareef family have been accused of erasing. During such process, they…

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Pakistan Defeats India to claim Badminton Doubles Title

Irfan Saeed and Azeem Sarwar, a renowned duo in badminton from Pakistan just won a spectacular feat that is making us all proud. To think our cricket team just gave…

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Manchester United Legend Sir Ryan Giggs Is Coming To Pakistan to Play alongside Ronaldinho

The most decorated player in the history of football, Sir Ryan Giggs who is a sensation among Manchester United fans is coming to play football in Pakistan. Giggs was confirmed…

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Here’s How a Guy Got Shot for Not Wearing Helmet in Faisalabad

In Faisalabad, police stopped a couple riding a bike. The guy was found without a helmet. Police charged him a fine of 500rs for which the guy asked a receipt…

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