Shahbaz Taseer Trolled Captain Safdar Saying He Cleans His Mouth With Surf Excel And Woah, Things Got Ugly!


Shahbaz Taseer Trolled Captain Safdar Saying He Cleans His Mouth With Surf Excel And Woah, Things Got Ugly!


Pakistanis are humourist people who never fail to make you laugh, no matter in whatever circumstances. Politics in Pakistan is a serious business, but politicians themselves indulge in taunting and making fun of each other.

Shahbaz Taseer, the son of former Governor Punjab, Salman Taseer has tweeted something hilarious about captain Safdar. Mainly, He replied to Hina Butt’s Tweet and thrashed her out.

Shahbaz Taseer Leashed out, Hina Butt, a famous philanthropist on the following tweet



The Hillarious Tweet of Shahbaz trolling Captain Safdar and Hina Butt


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Besides, Hina Butt, the tweet was the reaction to those who were making a fuss out of Jemima’s tweet against PTI Government. Jemima Goldsmith tweeted in a reaction against the agreement between TLP and the government.

Jemima’s tweet


In August 2011, soon after his father’s assassination, Shahbaz Taseer was kidnapped while he was driving home. Later on, he was recovered after 4 and a half years in March 2016 from Balochistan. After that, he got heavily active on Twitter. His tweet not only proved that he is anti-PML-N but comical as well.

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Imagine Captain Safdar cleaning his mouth with the Surf Excel – a detergent? If he really does, we gotta ask him what are the effects of it? Does it make one look super cool or is it an anti-aging cleaning agent? Hopefully, Captain Safdar, would not mind answering our innocent questions.

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And this!

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It is not the first time personalities have trolled each other in Pakistan. The infamous speech of Khawaja Asif calling Shireen Mazari a  “Tractor- trolley” stormed the social media. Similarly, in the national assembly, the MNA’s sitting on government benches call “DAKU” corrupt and “CHORS” to the opposition, on daily basis. In addition, how can we forget the articulation of Khadim Rizvi, full of slangs?

Source: Parhlo

Ba Dum Tss…


This is how people are reacting to the hilarious tweet of Shahbaz Taseer

Is it a chitrol of Patwaris?

Hello! Fire Fighters, we need you!

This girl nailed it. Surf excel vs Lemon max bar

She is prescribing “Harpic” rather than “Surf excel” to Mr. Captain

People in Pakistan are highly affiliated with politics and politicians. The followers of PML-N are showing their anger over the comical tweet of Shahbaz Taseer. Let’s wait and see that how PML-N responds to Shahbaz Taseer.

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