Shocking Video Of Children Hanging Asia Bibi's Doll Is Embarrassing Pakistan Everywhere!


Shocking Video Of Children Hanging Asia Bibi’s Doll Is Embarrassing Pakistan Everywhere!


If you’re born and raised in Pakistan, you’d know that nothing’s as scary as the allegations of blasphemy for somebody in the country. You’d literally be able to handle any situation, other than one where you’re confronted by an angry, fanatic mob.

Asia Bibi, who was trialed and penalized for committing blasphemy back in 2008, is still suffering the consequences of a false allegation against her. However, as of recent, the Supreme Court of Pakistan finally acquitted her, proving that the country took 10 years of her life away for nothing.


The backlash that followed the Supreme Court’s decision showcased how Pakistan was not ready for change yet. The TLP and their supporters run rampant on the streets of Pakistan, burning, maiming and destroying valuables throughout the country. During the same backlash, a video erupted that has shocked the nation and has served as extremely embarrassing for the country in international relations.

In the video, four young and bright children can be seen doing exactly the opposite of what Quaid-e-Azam had thought for the nation – their social and religious growth. The children, obviously belonging to families that support the TLP and Khadim Rizvi’s narrative can be seen holding a plastic doll in their hands.

The kids then take the doll away to the altar, chanting slogans of: “Gustakh-e-Nabi ki ek sazaa… Sar tan se Judaa, Sar tan se Judaa (only one punishment for the blasphemer of the Prophet, their head detached from their bodies).”

The children continuously refer to the doll as ‘Asia’ showcasing that they demand the hanging of a woman whose 10 years of life were wasted on a false charge. The doll is then brought to the supposed chamber and a noose is wrapped around its neck, and then, it is given the capital punishment. Chants of ‘lag gai phaansi’ and the TLP’s slogan: “Labaik Ya RasoolAllah!” continue in the background.

This video clearly shows how the status quo and state of affairs have snatched the innocence of our children, and they are but the exact copies of their parents, who too, could never learn the basics of humanity – the policy of living and let live.

People from all over the world on different platforms have taken the video up as proof that Pakistan has failed to disrupt its extremist mindset, and the generation that will follow the current one, will be tougher to deal with in terms of extremism and fanaticism.

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