This Khan-Lala Intoxicated A Venomous Snake By Giving Him ‘The Green Stuff’ And It’s As Funny As It Sounds!


According to a universal definition which is seconded by Islam too, Human being is the most powerful entity in the world. It is powerful than mammals and reptiles and all other creatures; ironically, much powerful than a snake.

A recent viral video showcases that how a man is intoxicating a snake by using “Naswar“. Apparently, a Pashtun man, coupled with his friends nagged the snake with the stick and played with it. The man in the video then stuck a pinch of Naswar to the stick and fed it to the snake.

Check out the video below!

Hell, yeah! Naswar rocked, snake shocked

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Anyhow, the snake fell prey to the Naswar and fainted. In the video, the snake hunter said that Naswar can intoxicate human beings, let alone snakes. When one of his friends asked him that the snake has not died yet, the hunter Pashtun replied: ” now the snake is neither alive nor dead.”

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According to, The Naswar (Niswar) is the mix of the tobacco or plant named Nas, alkalies (calcium hydroxide), the ash of plants, oil, spices. Sometimes it has the chicken’s brood, camel’s excrements or marihuana. The look of the Naswar describes different. Sometimes the Naswar is the green balls, others describe it as the brown powder. The fresh Naswar looks like the green, big seeds, the old Naswar is almost black powder. Some makers don’t granulize it and sell as a powder.

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In Pakistan, Naswar is a favorite intoxicant of Pashtuns; it is mainly used in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and Balochistan Province. It is a highly addictive substance which is hard to leave – once one starts using it. Besides, it is powerful enough to intoxicate other animals such as a scorpion and wasp. In rural areas, it is a practice, if someone is bitten by a wasp, Naswar is rubbed over the infected areas to relieve the victim. However, Naswar is put under the tongue or cheek, or a lip where it produces nicotine; it changes PH levels and can cause nausea or diarrhoea.

People on social media reacted to the video in the following manners

This person is condemning the funny act

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This man is asserting that the snake hunter is too cruel ” ZALIM DE”

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Snake can to become stupor, Really?

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A famous dialogue of SRK, ” Ek chutki NAswar ki qeemat tum kya jano 

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HAHA! Exactly, check out the swag!

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In a nutshell, the Pashtun man in a video did the right thing by intoxicating a snake. He neither took its life nor did any cruelty but saved the lives of humans by providing Naswar to the snake.

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