Pakistani Twitter Just Exploded After A Guy Referred To Girls As 'Sealed Juice Boxes' And Astaghfirullah!


Pakistani Twitter Just Exploded After A Guy Referred To Girls As ‘Sealed Juice Boxes’ And Astaghfirullah!


If there’s one thing that’s constant on Pakistani social media platforms, it’s juicy stories erupting out of thin air. Validating opinions is one thing, but going completely against the ethics of the forum and labeling others for your shortcomings is something else.

That is exactly what happened on Pakistani Twitter the other day. Somebody tweeted sharing their opinion about a said point of view, and out of nowhere, it triggered every single female and many men on the forum – resulting in an absolute hullabaloo of astaghfirullah tweets.

[identities of involved Twitterati have been kept hidden]


So it all started with one Pakistani boy writing: “No one would buy a juice box if its seal is broken, then why would you marry a girl if she has lost her virginity? This is what Islam preaches us, my sisters, please keep your dignity intact.”

After this, everything went haywire from there. One by one, people, especially women, started voicing their opinions on the ‘misogyny’ by the person who had made the initial tweet.


One person wrote: “What about a juice ka Dabba which was opened legally?? I mean a girl that had a marriage before?” – stating that if a girl had been married before, how would she remain a ‘sealed juice box’? Makes sense.


And then one Twitter account took a direct shot at the person who made the initial tweet, saying that he was citing his personal experiences: “It doesn’t. He is just worried that whoever he is with has prior experience to judge him against and know how terrible he is in all departments.”

After that, the term ‘juice box’ turned into effortless memes, people sharing how they felt, coming up with witty tweets on the given issue.

One person wrote: “Desi men are so busy looking for the hymen that they can never spot the clitoris.


Another account wrote: “Desi men who themselves get sexually attracted to a goat or a chicken, would consider a woman a lollipop, a juice box, an animal, a machine and almost everything but not a human being.”

And the memes kept on rolling, one after the other. The girls, especially took charge, sharing their biggest fears – jokes!


This one seemed more fierce and angry – she went on to decipher the state of ‘Pakistani men’ and how they have double standards.


Well, some stepped in and defended men as well… cause basically, everyone keeps referring to men as trash!


And then there were other misogynists, taking the person’s side, and sharing their own petty views as well. Goddamn!


Since we can’t link you to all the people involved in this charade of different opinions over a women’s chastity due to the topic’s sensitive nature, you can just log onto Twitter and just write: “Juice Box” in the search bar and voila, it’s a goldmine!

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