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Bilawal And Maryam Sitting Together At The Iftaar Dinner Is Being Labeled As Their ‘Nikkah’ By Trolls!

Pakistani politicians from making a joke out of themselves to trying to implement something of sheer stupidity, have gone really far for the throne. The current Imran Khan lead government…

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The Baby Snapchat Filter On Pakistani Politicians Is Legit The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today!

Snapchat 'the picture disappearing app' that took everyone's phones by storm after its launch recently introduced new filters the 'Gender Swap' and 'Baby Face' filter. These filters have everyone in…

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Trevor James (The Food Ranger) Eating ‘Charsi Tikka’ In Peshawar For ‘Taaqat’ And ‘Tan Tan Tan’ Is Hilarious!

As the world is progressing, choosing your career has become a vast field with the passage of time. The internet has provided us with a lot of different aspects to…

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Yasir Hussain Is Now Giving ‘Silent Messages’ After Facing Extreme Backlash For His Comments Against Hania Aamir!

The evolvement of Pakistan's Entertainment Industry in the past years has been phenomenal. The veteran artists of the industry sure played their finest roles in providing the country with great…

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YouTuber Shahveer Jafry Distributed Rs.1.5 Lacs Among Rickshaw Walas And He Sure Knows What He’s Doing!

As the YouTube community is growing with each passing day, a number of people have chosen content creating as a full-time career. Bloggers, vloggers, pranksters, roasters and many other categories…

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This Guy Wrote A Letter To PM Imran Khan Complaining That His Family Is Not Worried About His Shaadi!

For Pakistanis, attending a marriage is taken as a responsibility, especially if it's of a close relative or family friend because you know 'tm kisi ki shadi main nai jaogay…

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sham idrees exposed

Sham Idrees Gets Exposed Again For A Fake Prank And Damn, This Is Legit Getting Out Of Hand!

Ever since Sham Idrees and his wife Froggy landed in Pakistan, they have been making it in the news a lot for all sorts of drama mostly initiated by them.…

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Game of thrones in Ramadan

This Is How All The Characters Would React If Ramadan Came To Game Of Thrones!

As we wait for the Battle of Westeros between Queen Daenerys Stormborn and Queen Cersei Lannister in the Game of Thrones' next episode, have you wondered what it'd be like…

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Anchor Mohd Shueb Apologized To Nasir Khan Jan For His ‘Rude’ Behavior And The Way NKJ Forgave Him Is Priceless!

Recently Nasir Khan Jan a social media celebrity was invited as a guest on a SAMAA TV morning show and was repeatedly insulted by the male anchor¬†Muhammad Shueb. His attitude…

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A School Principal Created His Own Version Of ‘Fight Club’ In Pakistan But Unfortunately, Somebody Broke Rule #1!

"The first rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club!"¬† Literacy rate of any country plays an important role in portraying its image in the outer…

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