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The Exit Poll Predicted Chowkidar Modi's Win In The Elections And LOL, Indians Aren't Feeling It! - Parhlo

The Exit Poll Predicted Chowkidar Modi’s Win In The Elections And LOL, Indians Aren’t Feeling It!

The elections era of India has now come to an end and the country was no less than a chaotic site since last month. The two major political parties of…

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A Lawyer From Faisalabad Beat A Woman Forcing Her To Drop Charges Of Rape Against His Client!

Pakistan may be the only country where hospitals, courts, police stations, in fact, every organization working for the betterment of the citizens, has become a business. The law and order…

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A Woman From Attock Was Physically Harassed By Her Husband And Father-in-Law For 4 Years And This Is Sickening!

Marriage definitely has its own perks but many, in the present world, are just living with compromises. The era when people are just busy fooling others and using them for…

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Bilawal Bhutto Is Hosting An ‘Anti-PTI Iftar Dinner’ For All Opposition Leaders To End PTI Govt And Seriously?

The recent political condition of Pakistan is no less than any jest. From opposition parties throwing their filth on the governing party or be it the governing party who seems…

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A Transgender From Sialkot Attempted Suicide After She Was Betrayed By Her Social Media Lover And This Is Just Sad!

To say, we are living in the 21st century but our mind sometimes doesn't want to accept the true existence of others. Back in 1990 the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,…

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This Emotional Letter Of A Shaheed PAF Pilot’s Wife Will Make You Feel The Importance Of Our Jawaans!

The Armed Forces of Pakistan and the sacrifices they make to protect their motherland and its people deserve immense salutation. As much as the nation respects the men in uniform,…

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Another Pakistani Girl Loses Her Life After Marrying A Chinese Trafficker And This Is Getting Out Of Hand!

Pakistan was seeing a huge number of Chinese nationals roaming all over the country after the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) development project started in Gwadar, Balochistan. Where the transnational…

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A Pakistani Cleaner Of Masjid Al-Haram Was Allowed To Pray In Hijr-e-Ismail After Refusing His Cash Prize!

Religion is not something that stops you from all the luxuries you can get in your life but it tells you a pattern to how to make the most of…

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Shameless Indian Airforce Has Given Abhinandan A ‘Falcon Slayer’ Patch For Downing A Pakistani F-16 In His Dreams!

Apparently, the Armed Forces of any country are considered to be its protectors and pride but this current year, it has not been the case with our neighbor, India. The…

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Meet Muneeb – A Student Who Started His Own Gola Ganda Business To Earn, Not Caring About ‘Log Kya Kahenge’

Pakistan in the last 5 years have been through really crucial stages of inflation and is still struggling to stabilize itself. As every factor has its own pros and cons,…

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