A Transgender From Sialkot Attempted Suicide After She Was Betrayed By Her Social Media Lover And This Is Just Sad!


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To say, we are living in the 21st century but our mind sometimes doesn’t want to accept the true existence of others. Back in 1990 the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community was created in the West to support the rights of the people neglected by the state authorities. Since then, some other countries have also agreed upon the stance and has implemented it among their citizens.

In this time, where we at times witness transgenders in Pakistan getting the true status of a normal citizen, many are being neglected too. At one side where transgenders are now getting National Identity Card (NIC), many are still not ready to accept them as one community.

Last night, a similar heart-wrenching case was discussed of a transgender who attempted suicide. Zaisha Baig, a 21 years old transgender girl from Sialkot, Pakistan was manipulated by her so called lover. It all started 8 months back when Zaisha was studying film making in Hamburg, Germany. She belong to a Sialkot Punjabi descent and as she was a transgender, no support was provided by her family ever.

Here’s a picture of Zaisha!

Zaisha Beig/Facebook

Severely broke, mentally depressed and left alone, one day, scrolling through, she made a friend on social media and started talking to him. The guy was from Pakistan and showed her the utmost respect which made Zaisha fell in love with him gradually. Talking every day and night turned them into lovers and knowing the fact that she is a transgender, the guy insisted to marry her but it was all just a big fat lie.

The guy started using Zaisha to cover his personal expenses and would make fake promises to her. With time, demands of the guy were getting higher and as Zaisha was completely in love with him, she fulfilled all his demands no matter how big they were. She even sponsored him an international trip.

During their conversations, Zaisha asked the guy several times to do nikkah and he would make excuses. 3 months into their relationship, Zaisha came to Pakistan to meet him. They spent some really quality time together. This time when she asked him to marry her, the guy completely denied and said that his parents won’t accept the marriage. They would never want their son to marry a transgender girl.

This broke her to the core and she started realising that how stupid she was to invest in a guy like him. She was into extreme depression and after some time a post came up on her Facebook saying ‘i quit’.

This was her status:

Zaisha Beig/Facebook

Heart broken, mentally abused and considered shame for her parents, Zaisha jumped off from the 17th floor of her building and attempted to end her life. Maybe, even it wasn’t in her favour and she is now fighting for her life on ventilator. Her spinal cord was damaged and hands are fractured.

As per doctor’s statement, there are very low chances of her to recover completely and even if she survived, she won’t be able to walk again ever.

This case clearly represents the low mentality of our so called progressing society. No matter which gender the other person belongs to, this is not the way to treat a human being and this should never happen to anyone again.

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