Imran Khan Brilliantly Responds To Trump’s “Do More” Statement On CNN


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Foreign relations and international politics have suddenly become highlighted in Pakistan ever since Trump announced his future plans regarding Afghanistan and the U.S army. On August 22, Trump was to announce his military strategy in South Asia and Afghanistan. Almost two decades of war on terror had been fough on foreign land and without any outcome, the Americans were hoping that Donald Trump would announce a cut in the number of troops, however, that did not happen. After attacking Pakistan in his address, Imran Khan was brought forwarded to explain on CNN, and he defended the country with strong words.

Trump, firmly announcing that he plans to increase the number of soldiers in Afghanistan, and was not content with contributions by Pakistan as well. In his speech, he attacked Pakistan, accusing it of harbouring dangerous terrorist heads and providing a “safehaven” to them. He also threatened Pakistan that the U.S would cut its aid of billions of dollars if Pakistan continues to aid regional militancy rather than apprehend it. After Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff General Qamar J. Bajwa’s response to the U.S, Imran Khan was called for an interview on CNN with Hala Gorani.

Imran Khan responded to Hala Gorani by telling her about 150,000 U.S and NATO troops operating in Afghanistan for about two decades. He asked her that why is such a massive army of elite forces unable to take care of about 3000 men of the Haqqani Network that the U.S accuses Pakistan of providing protection? Hala Gorani also brought up statements of Zalmay Khalilzad, U.S ambassador to Afghanistan, who said that Pakistan and U.S know where the terrorist heads are; some of them are operating in large districts. Imran Khan replied that if he was so sure about the whereabouts then why cannot he inform the Pakistan Army about this because they are busy clearing out militancy in the tribal areas and the whole Pakistan. Here is the complete interview:

He also specifically mentioned that Pakistan is better off without the U.S aid which means that Americans should stop using the aid as means threaten Pakistan. Pakistan has already lost thousands of civilian and military lives in the war on terror and will continue to boot down the radical forces so, instead of asking Pakistan to do more the U.S should look into its own policies as they are poorly constructed, aiming towards instability in this region. Watch the complete address by Donald Trump:

Imran Khan’s strong words are second to how the COAS responded to the U.S President with regards to timings. Other political heads of the nation are yet to respond as Donald Trump attacks Pakistan by poorly treating her sacrifices and asking for more.

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