India’s Fastest Train ‘Vande Bharat Express’ Breaks Down One Day After Launching And All Of India Is Embarrassed!


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Everyone likes fast-moving trains but do you really have what it takes to move a lightning fast train? Apparently, India does not. India’s fastest moving train “Vande Bharat Express”, formerly known as Train 18, breaks down a day later after its launch. Quite embarrassing isn’t it? Well, unless you think being pelted with stones is more embarrassing for a train than breaking down. Yes, the same train has also been pelted with stones in the past.

Launched on Friday, breaks down on Saturday.

Well, can you think of things that can last longer than India’s fastest train? Misbah-ul-Haq in a test match? Or perhaps the movie “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham” ran longer than this train. The train couldn’t even last for a day and that is certainly a little embarrassing for India’s “fastest train”. Indian PM Modi launched the train on 15th February 2019, the train stopped on 16th February 2019.

Well, the reason for its breakdown is also pretty embarrassing.

According to the sources, the reason for its breaking down as well, the disruption caused by cattle on the track which consequently resulted in jamming of the whole train. According to sources, there was also a foul smell and mild smoke which was due to an internal system failure. The train stopped 200 km from Delhi and will be taken to the nearest maintenance center possible. People were shifted on another train and it wasn’t even a commercial run, the train failed in a trial run.

Indians’ reaction is pretty sweet.

Koi baat nahi senorita baray baray shehron main aisi choti choti trains rukti rehti hain? Nope, still embarrassing.

Oh well, this guy figured out the real reason.

Are they or are they not?

Things escalated pretty quickly.

From lightening speed, the fastest train, to breaking down and going powerless to going nowhere. So much for being the first engine-less train in India. And Indian’s are not coming slow!

Show off more than efficiency?

Some Indians are really taking this seriously and blaming the government for being incompetent and just caring about showing off. Power failures in four couches, smokes and technical breakdowns all at once, just don’t seem very effective.

Maybe this is what happens when you care about marketing and your government’s image rather than the services and efficiency.

Sorry, Modi jee.

Semi-high speed to almost no speed to totally no speed hogaya hai yeh tou. Well, it’s good that the problem has been identified in the trial run and will be sorted out hopefully before the commercial run so it doesn’t cause any inconvenience to the passengers.

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