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Abid Sher Ali Might Have Made a Grave Mistake Without Even Realizing It

Just when you thought that the verdict of Panama Case would solve and end everything, you realized you were heavily mistaken. With Nawaz Sharif’s ineligibility and stepping down as Prime…

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Panama Case: Chaudhry Nisar Might Have Dropped The Biggest Hint

Chaudhry Nisar has finally delivered his long awaited press conference which was due for quite some days. In the past, his press conference would either be delayed due to some…

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Mir Shakil May Be In Deep Waters After Threatening The Supreme Court

What happens if a person who is already charged with contempt of court, commits another contempt of court? Is Mir Shakil ur Rehman, the head of Jang and Geo Group,…

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Pakistan Is About To Make History Tomorrow With Panama Case And People Are Getting Excited About It

It first started when Imran Khan led his army of Insaafians towards D-Chowk, Islamabad to protest against four constitutions that were alleged to be ‘wrongfully won’ in the general elections…

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Neelum Valley Is Becoming Rent-Free For A Week But Will It Remain Pollution Free After That?

The Monsoon season has begun and what a time it is to travel up North to witness the breathtaking views mountains rising above dark clouds, roads becoming foggy and dark…

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Zafar Hijazi Allegedly Receiving VIP Treatment By The FIA Even After Arresting Him!

The country is going through a process of revolution right now. The allegations that were present in the Panama Leaks were tried in court and after a long trial period,…

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Israeli Christian Murders Daughter For Falling In Love With A Muslim!

We have been looking at thousands of cases inside Pakistan where a father, husband, brother, or even in-laws brutally murder their women in a failed attempt to save “honour”. The…

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