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Officer who raided cafe in lahore made OSD

Officer Who Raided Cafe’ Aylanto In Lahore For Openly Selling Alcohol Is Suspended & This Is Naya Pakistan!

No matter or situation is black and white; there's always some twist to the story or more to it then what is being led on. When it comes to the…

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Pervez Musharraf’s Health Has Worsened And The Awam Can’t Stop Spreading Rumors Of Him Passing Away!

General Pervez Musharraf is currently facing trial for treason under Article 6 of the Constitution and Section 2 of the High Treason Act. He was to appear before the court and record…

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After The Viral Outbreak Of HIV In Sindh, One Man Murdered His HIV+ Wife Mistaking It For Cheating!

Pakistan is facing a moral crisis and it needs to be addressed immediately. From minor children, mostly little girls being abducted and sexually violated by men or beaten to their…

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3-Year-Old Abducted Anaya Was Safely Found By Khairpur Police And We’re Immensely Proud Of Them!

'There is no good without bad' When it comes to anything in this world, dualism is always co-existing. The same can be seen in the police forces of Pakistan. Because…

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This Restaurant In Karachi is Challenging You To Eat 2.5 KG Fries With Your Friends For Free And It Is Insane!

POTATO LOVERS AND FOODIES UNITE! You guys are in for a pleasant surprise that would leave your stomachs a little too full and smiles a little too broad. But first,…

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Shireen Mazari Has Appointed A Transgender To Work In MOHR And This Is The Positive Pakistan We Deserve!

The trans community of Pakistan always remained neglected, their rights non-existent and often times were taken undue advantage of by people with malicious intentions. Pakistan although a Muslim state that…

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This Pakistani Calligrapher Has Been Working In Masjid Al-Nabwi For Almost 30 Years And SubhanAllah!

Pakistan is not short of talented individuals; several of whom haven't been discovered yet. Pakistan's recent records are filled with student inventions, winning international competitions and professionals making breakthroughs in…

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Indian Officials Harassed Pakistani Guests On A Diplomatic Iftaar In India And It Is Extremely Shameful!

Diplomatic etiquettes were never India's strong suit. They have on countless occasions proven to be a bad sport. Take this recent incident for example. Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi…

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Meet Bhagwandas Kohli — A Pakistani-Hindu Law Student Who Aspires To Help The Poor For Free!

Pakistan - A Muslim state that was created after countless sacrifices along with hard work, determination, and perseverance didn't forget the minorities. So much so that they were given a…

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PTI Government Might Be Giving Us All An ‘Early Eid Present’ But Pakistanis Are Extremely Upset!

Inflation has placed a heavy strain on an average Pakistani's monthly budget. However, Imran Khan recently assured everyone that these tough times will last not more than 2-3 months, during his…

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