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Former President Of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf Shuts Up An Indian Reporter On Pulwama Incident And Man, We’re Blown Away!

The Pulwama incident is the topic of discussion on every other social media platform currently. Recently, in an interview with India Today former Pakistan's president, General Pervez Musharraf backed Prime…

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Cricket Club Of India Removed Imran Khan’s Picture At CCI Headquarters And Damn, Pakistanis Aren’t Coming Slow!

Just a few days ago several Indian troops were taken down in Occupied Kashmir. The Indian government has once again blamed Pakistan for the incident and Pakistan has rejected the…

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Pakistan’s Hindu Community Just Held A ‘Satyanarayan Pooja’ For PM Imran Khan And Pakistan And We LOVE Them!

The incident occurred in Pulwama, where more than 40 Indian paramilitary policemen lost their lives because a person who was involved in this incident carried out a tragic act that…

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A 16-Year-Old Pakistani Student Ended His Life -

A 16-Year-Old Pakistani Student Ended His Life After A Heated Argument With His Teacher And This Is Tragic!

This isn't the first time that a student ended his life over a dispute with the teacher and now cases like these have turned into something so trivial for the…

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Indian Celebs Are Showing Their True Colours After The Kashmir Incident And Pakistan Needs To Boycott Bollywood!

Pulwama incident or the Kashmir incident has caused a massive dispute between Pakistan and India. Just when we thought that the matters between Pak-Indo would get better, we're exposed to…

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Imran Khan’s Emotional Request To Prince Mohd Bin Salman For Hajjis And Labourers In KSA Is The Energy We Need!

As we all are aware that the royal highness of Saudia Arabia has finally landed in Pakistan and from his gym equipment to pigeons to security - he brought everything…

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This Pakistani Watchmaker Has Almost Rs. 4 Billion In His Account And People Believe Asif Zardari Is Behind It!

The media likes to paint a certain picture of what it means to be rich — huge mansions, expensive cars, high-powered Wall Street or tech-startup-type jobs. If you buy into…

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Gharidah Farooqi Made Unehthical And Rude Comments About Junoon’s PSL Performance And People Are Furious!

Season 4 of the Pakistan Super League Twenty20 competition got off to a glittering start in Dubai on Thursday night. The Dubai International Cricket Stadium was flooded sound and light…

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Jemima Just Shared A Fun Fact About PM Imran Khan Regarding Valentine’s Day And We Think She Might Be Missing Him!

Valentine's Day is upon us and many of you must be occupied with planning the evening with your partner. Dinner dates and what, not - couples celebrate this day and…

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These Underage Kids Ran Their Car Through Someone’s House In Karachi And It’s An Eye-Opener For Every Parent!

Road accidents are very common in developing countries, especially in Pakistan and the situation has become worsened day by day. Experts have mentioned in the different research reports that that…

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