Jemima Just Shared A Fun Fact About PM Imran Khan Regarding Valentine’s Day And We Think She Might Be Missing Him!


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Valentine’s Day is upon us and many of you must be occupied with planning the evening with your partner. Dinner dates and what, not – couples celebrate this day and flaunt their affection towards each other. On the other hand, singles are probably going to crash early or spend the evening watching their favorite show!


Recently Jemima Goldsmith, British heiress and the former wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan took Twitter to express her views on Valentine’s Day and she wrote, “In the words of my ex-husband, “who the **** was Valentine anyway?”

Either Goldsmith really misses IK or she’s just mocking the entire notion of V-Day, people however really were intrigued by what she said and the responses were quite amusing. Have a look!

This is just hilarious!

Have a look at how people are still rooting for the ex-couple!

How cute is this?

This user just needed confirmations…

Few people begin to appreciate Imran Khan after the Tweet

Others just appreciated Jemima!


Now that’s actually cute!

He sure is!

This really cracked us up!

It’s no doubt the Jemima and IK made an adorable couple and apparently the masses still want to see the two together but oh, well! Marriage is a gamble and now most of us have our fingers crossed for a better Pakistan! This tweet although really cracked us up!

Looks like Jemima isn’t just all about good looks, appearance but is also a queen of humor! Let us know what did you guys think of this tweet that Jemima shared… does she actually miss IK? Or is it just her being anti-Valentines? Share your thoughts with us!

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