Pakistan’s Hindu Community Just Held A ‘Satyanarayan Pooja’ For PM Imran Khan And Pakistan And We LOVE Them!


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The incident occurred in Pulwama, where more than 40 Indian paramilitary policemen lost their lives because a person who was involved in this incident carried out a tragic act that resulted in this mishap.

Hindus in Pakistan hold a Satyanarayana Puja

The entertainment industry has also boycotted Pakistani talent and that has certainly outraged all the locals here. In this ongoing tension between the two countries – one thing that seems like a ray of hope is how all the Hindus that are in minority in Pakistan are still praying and sending their blessings to PM Imran Khan and Pakistan.

Recently, the minority of Hindus in Pakistan held a Satyanarayana Puja for the safety of Pakistan and they hold this ritual every year for well being of this country.

Hindu community holds special puja to pray for Pakistan's progress; reject 'Indian' propaganda about alleged mistreatment.

Hindu community holds special puja to pray for Pakistan's progress; reject 'Indian' propaganda about alleged mistreatment.Read more:

Posted by ARY Stories on Sunday, January 6, 2019

Pakistan treating Hindus

As a nation, we’re proud of the fact that the Pakistani Hindus are showering their country with so much love and affection. They organize this puja yearly and that just goes to show how much they value the security and respect they have received from Pakistan.

Nepotism in India

Muslims in India aren’t even given the same opportunities and the religions dispute is at its peak. From jobs to residence – Hindus are always chosen as opposed to Muslims based on their religion. The nepotism has really dragged down several Muslims living in India.

Pulwama incident

The incident, coming just weeks before the Narendra Modi government’s term comes to an end, has flared up tempers, with a section of the Indian public demanding punitive action against Pakistan. India has stooped low and is getting aggressive for reasons only they can explain.

Have a look at this:

What do you guys think about this entire scenario? The prayers that Hindus are sending for IK are a huge example of the difference between India and Pakistan. India sadly opts for petty actions to demean our country. Let us know what’s your take on this and if you’d like to add something to this story!

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