Imran Khan’s Emotional Request To Prince Mohd Bin Salman For Hajjis And Labourers In KSA Is The Energy We Need!


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As we all are aware that the royal highness of Saudia Arabia has finally landed in Pakistan and from his gym equipment to pigeons to security – he brought everything with him. In short – saara boriya bistar le kar he has arrived.

A red carpet was also rolled out for the Saudia Prince and when the crown prince’s airplane entered Pakistan’s airspace, it was escorted by a formation of JF-17 thunder jets! Also, banners featuring his picture have been hung across the capital and strict security arrangements were taken.

Talk about being wealthy… would anyone be willing to trade lives with him?

Crown Prince - Mohd Bin Salman
The Times

750 hotel rooms in eight Islamabad hotels for the royal guests’ accommodation has been completed. Sources said the administration of all hotels is directed to cancel all advance bookings to ensure comfortable stay of the visiting dignitaries.

But here’s the bigger news!

Recently, PTI official tweeted, “For Pakistanis going for Hajj each year, we request you to allow their immigration in Pakistan so it is convenient for older people and for those who have saved money for it all their lives. – Prime Minister Imran Khan to HRH Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. #CrownPrinceinPakistan.”

This could be yet another step for Pakistan towards a Naya Pakistan. There were responses where Imran Khan was praised and showered with love by several people!

Look at this


Just look at this, you guys!

Care to shed some light on this?

What do you all think about this change? Do you think we’re headed towards a better change and a better Pakistan? Let us know what’s your take on this!

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