This Rickshawala Is Offering Free Rides To Pak Army Members And Is Being Praised By ISPR As Well!


This Rickshawala Is Offering Free Rides To Pak Army Members And Is Being Praised By ISPR As Well!


There is always a debate going on about how the army has always been the “richest” in the country. Because the budget that we have for the army is much much higher, and the money that they are paid and the lifestyle they have is much lavish. But the main thing that people tend to forget is that the soldiers who are sitting on the borders of the country, for the safety of the children are actually not the ones who get such luxurious lifestyle.

These are the young boys who have not seen their families in ages and have not tasted the food from home. These are the kids who live the least fancy life one could imagine. This is not just it, these are the Pakistanis who know and come to this field knowing that their life is written off in the name of the country.

This Pakistani guy knows exactly the struggles of our army and the sacrifices they have made. This student’s attention was caught by this riskshaw wala, when he saw this written on the rikshaw.

“Pak Army K Lea Rikshaw Free Service”

Which was later shared by the Director-General ISPR!

“Thanks to Mahmood Jan the Rikshaw Driver from Lahore for his love and respect. Such is the strength and motivation behind us.”

This is the spirit and respect that Pakistanis have for the army.

A little something is done for the army by the civilians! It is not small because of the dedication that he has shown!

There are many other people who know that a person who goes through rigorous training and studies alongside too; is actually the one who is selflessly working for the country only.

Such soldiers have committed their life, patience, love, dedication and everything they have to the motherland they dearly love. Patriotism is not only a word for such people! They mean it and know how to fulfill it when it comes to the respect and safety of the country. May we all have a heart who knows how to respect our army and the people who protect us.

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