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This Last Video Message Of Lt. Azhar Abbas 'Shaheed' Before He Left For Siachen Will Leave You In Tears -

This Last Video Message Of Lt. Azhar Abbas ‘Shaheed’ Before He Left For Siachen Will Leave You In Tears!

We often hear people complaining about their country's system. They would go on lengths mocking the government and their policies until they go to some other country. It is only…

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This Rickshawala Is Offering Free Rides To Pak Army Members And Is Being Praised By ISPR As Well!

There is always a debate going on about how the army has always been the "richest" in the country. Because the budget that we have for the army is much…

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Col. Ayub Haider Almost Lost Both His Eyes But His Hopeful Message Shows How Strong Our Army-Men Are!

The ever so famous debate of Pakistan where people say that our country's army enjoys the biggest budget! There is no lie in it. Every year a VERY LARGE amount of…

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Textbooks From Independent Publishers On ‘ISSB’ Tests Are Bringing A Bad Name To Our Beloved Army!

If there's one field of work every child of Pakistan wants to be a part of, it is the Armed Forces of Pakistan. The most decorated, prestigious and loved institution…

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This Group Of People Looted Many Claiming To Be Pakistan Army And WTF?!

When people cannot do something productive to achieve certain goals, they indulge in fraud. People around the world, that seek shortcuts, often ends up as a trickster-who has no future. In…

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Child Maid Who Was Harmed By Army Couple Finally Speaks About What She Went Through!

"If we can't begin to agree on fundamentals, such as the elimination of the most abusive forms of child labor, then we really are not ready to march forward into…

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Air Marshal SB Deo Accidentally Shoots Himself On His Thigh And Indians Are Totally Embarrassed

Air Marshal SB Deo was commissioned as a fighter pilot in the IAF on June 15, 1979, and is an alumnus of the National Defence Academy and the Defence Services Staff…

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20 Years Ago Today, Dr. AQ Khan And The Army Made Pakistan A Nuclear Power!

Pakistan, one of the only 8 nations to possess the deadly nuclear power, which acts as a deterrent in the world, to upwith keep sovereignty and a free hand on…

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Brave Father Of A Pakistan Army Shaheed Pays Heartwarming Tribute To His Son’s Dead Body!

Pakistan Army, an institution that is of recently, being marred with agendas that the normal officer who serves does not want to be a part of. For decades, it has…

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This Young Pakistan Army Lt. Is Missing And The Country Needs To Pray For His Recovery!

According to sources on social media, a young Pakistan Army Lt. has gone missing since yesterday and the whole nation is united in praying for his quick recovery. Young Taha…

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