Youngster Rabia Shahzad Bags Foreign Gold Medal In Weightlifting Making Pakistan Proud!


Youngster Rabia Shahzad Bags Foreign Gold Medal In Weightlifting Making Pakistan Proud!


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Pakistan, a nation of diversity has never failed to impress the world with the amazing talent that its denizens possess. Without any gender discrimination whether male or female, Pakistanis always prove their mettle in the world.

In a recent event at New South Wales, Australia, Pakistani weightlifter Rabia Shahzad won a gold medal at the Ralph Cashman Open Weightlifting Championship and has made Pakistan proud. Rabia Shahzad scored total 90 points to secure the gold medal. She participated in the 55 kg class the Ralph Cashman Open Weightlifting Championship event and lifted 90 kg of weight, 40kg snatch 50kg clean jerk to hold the utmost position.

While in an interaction with media, Rabia asserted, “The women players federation does nothing to help us participate in competitions”.  She was utterly disappointed with the Government for not supporting her on her participation in Asian powerlifting championship. She further lamented, ” I wanted to participate in the Asian Powerlifting Championship but the federation did nothing to ensure my participation.

Source: Pakistan today

It is not only the complaint of Rabia Shahzad but in the past, many sportsmen have complained about the negligence of government and sports board of Pakistan. Muhammad Waseem, a professional boxer who won the bronze medal in Asian games 2014 also shed light upon the heedlessness of the government. In a video message he said. “I am facing problems as I have no sponsors.” He further added, “ I don’t want to stop representing Pakistan but unfortunately I am stuck.

People have many expectations with the new government led by a former sportsman, Imran Khan. The official stance of the PTI is about the enhancement of sports in Pakistan, in the past two months, nothing extraordinary has been done in the sports board yet the expectations of the hoi-pollois are high. Hopefully, the new Government would work for the betterment of the stars of sports. Rabia Shahzad, addressed the government in the following words, “Even the government does not help us. Whatever we do we do it on our own. The Pakistan Olympic Association needs to take action against the federation.

The triumph of Rabia Shahzad has stormed social media and people are felicitating her in the following manners:

Ex-governor Sindh, Dr. Ishrat Ul Ebad congratulated the young lady

Pak China friendship ambassador Usman Khan felicitated the lady

A well-known journalist, Farah Yousaf appreciated Rabia’s win

Another journalist, Faizan Lakhani greeting the star

The win of young Rabia Shahzad has brought joy on the faces of Pakistanis. These stars of Pakistan are the real assets of the nation that not only make Pakistanis proud nationally but enshrine the name of Pakistan internationally.

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