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This Pakistani Guy Turned His Suzuki Mehran Into A Mini Vigo And People Are Super Interested In Its Price!

The best thing about being Pakistani is that no matter what you do, there will be someone who is going to appreciate your work. However, work without creativity always ends…

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“Sajjad Mera Hai! Nahi Sajjad Mera Hai!” – Two Women Thrash Each Other Fighting Over This Lucky Pakistani Guy!

Do you know what’s better than woman fighting with her husband? Let us tell you. It's two women fighting over a husband! Recently, the news was circulated over social media…

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This Pakistani Father Shares Heartbreaking Details Of How He Was Abandoned By His ‘Jawaan Sons’

All over the world, we have heard and read stories of children abandoning their parents when they grow old. Indulged in their own lifestyle and families, children regard the old-age…

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10 Pakistani Celebrities Who Got A Hair Transplant And How It Changed Their Lives Forever!

It's said that young age is the golden age. Everybody wants it to last a little bit longer than it does. You'd be shocked to know many of your favorite…

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This Pakistani Guy Is Battling A Rare Beemari And Here’s Why He “Doesn’t” Need Your Donations

It's heartbreaking when you come across the news of your loved one suffering from a health issue. It's even more devastating when you know that their life is at risk…

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Youngster Rabia Shahzad Bags Foreign Gold Medal In Weightlifting Making Pakistan Proud!

Pakistan, a nation of diversity has never failed to impress the world with the amazing talent that its denizens possess. Without any gender discrimination whether male or female, Pakistanis always…

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Meet Abdul Hafeez Khan – A Pakistani Man Who Made UAE Green

In the year 1961, Abdul Hafeez Khan Al Yousefi, Pakistani of age 25, was in Beirut studying his Graduate Studies in Agricultural Science. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, then the…

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Pakistani Teenager Arrested In Dubai For Inappropriately Touching Foreigner Woman While She Slept!

We often talk about how the Emirates is a land of opportunities for third world countries, especially for people from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. However, what we do not often…

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This Pakistani Student Was Brutally Victimized And ‘Left To Die’ By A Man In Australia

We are in the 21st century and the world has apparently turned into a fast-paced and modern society yet we are still facing such issues that make us question the…

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