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Here's How Pakistan Can Help Empower Small Businesses - Parhlo.comHere's How Pakistan Can Help Empower Small Businesses -

Here’s How Pakistan Can Help Empower Small Businesses!

In the past few days, there has been a lot of talk by our Govt to improve the ease of doing business in Pakistan. This year, we advanced only 11…

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The Graveyards In Rawalpindi Are Running Out Of Space And This is Serious!

Nowadays, the burial of a loved one has become a challenging task for the family. Getting a place in the graveyard is more difficult to get a place at footpath…

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Here’s Why The Mangroves In Pakistan Are In Dire Need Of Attention!

Mangroves are tropical/subtropical groups of predominately trees species that live in the coastal intertidal zone. There are some 15.9 million hectares of mangrove forests all over the world. Mangroves forest have significant…

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This Pakistani Girl Think That PTI Government Is On A Journey Towards Failed Approach And You Need To See This!

Power is such a toxic thing that it sometimes leaves behind all morality and humanity. When someone leaves his ideology to become a part of the power, it shows how…

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Here’s How Every Pakistani Can Work Together To Reduce Traffic Violations!

Our society lives in the bliss of ignorance. The educated have become the layman and the illiterates; leaders. Amongst these crooked personalities are concentrated outlaws promoting the very nature of…

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Heres Why Everyone Should Read “The Economy of Modern Sindh” By Dr. Ishrat Husain

During a casual conversation with my host advisor, I was awed when he enlightened me about the rich history of the British and not-so-rich history of the Americans in terms…

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This Pakistani Opens Up About The Exploitation Of Consumers By Private Schools And How It Needs To Stop!

How does monopolization come? It comes when you gain so much of strength that all others become incompetent. We all are aware that the state of Pakistan fails to provide…

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“Who is going to bring back the parents of those little kids?” – This Pakistani Girl Is Questioning CTD For All The Right Reasons!

On 19th January, Khalil was going to Bure Wala - village near Sahiwal, on a car along with his family. CTD - Counter Terrorism Department by mistake opened fire on…

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For The Love Of Pakistan, Here 19 Things You Should Do In 2019 For A Better Pakistan

Dear Pakistani Awam, If you truly love your country, you will do the following in 2019; 1) Stop throwing your garbage everywhere - learn to use a dustbin. 2) Stop…

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Quwat-e-Uraan Stands With Minorities Amid Religious Extremism

At a time when the engine of religious extremism is belching its narrative with unprecedented vigor, team Quwat e Uraan celebrated Christmas with students at Government Elementary School Jaylana to…

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